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Q: Can you drive a petrol driven car on the moon?
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Is it possible to drive a car on the moon?

Actualy The Answer is YES, and nasa already has driven a vehicle on the moon. it was called a lunar modual or MCV. It was an elecricly driven with no petrol needed. TY for asking this Question. AJL :)

Who invented the petrol driven car in 1885?

Karl Benz invented the first petrol driven car

Can you convert a turbo diesel driven car to a petrol motor?

You cannot convert a turbo diesel driven car to a petrol motor. You have to buy a car that uses the petrol motor.

Is sugar mixed with petrol obstruction for running of petrol driven car?


When was the first petrol driven car invented?

driven at 1885, Not sure if it was invented in the same year though.

Who built the first petrol driven car?

Karl Benz 1894 in Germany.

Your car smellls like petrol when you drive it why?

because your car is poo

When was the first car in australia?

The first Petrol driven Auto built in Australia was the Tarant. Started production in 1897. I think this is the first "Car" because it is fueled by Petrol.

How long has Mercedes made autos?

The first Patent for a petrol driven car was 1886

Is petrol-driven car have been used 100 years ago?

dont care

What year was the first Australian car manufactured?

The first petrol-driven car manufactured in Australia, was built in 1897.

What are the uses for petrol?

petrol is used to drive your car or to help power different types of electric!