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Q: Can you drive a company vehicle with out interlock?
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Do you have to get an ignition interlock device installed on a company vehicle?

A company vehicle is owned by a company. Therefore, they are responsible for upgrading their vehicle. They can not fire you for not paying to upgrade their equipment. That would be cause for action. If you own the company and your insurance is demanding that you have this for a better rate, you just have to decide if the cost for the interlock is worth the discount in rate (usually is).

Can you drive a company vehicle with a suspended license Would I be liable if they still allowed me to drive?

If your license is suspended, you should not be driving any vehicle, including a company vehicle. The company should not allow you to drive.

Can you use your companies truck that you take home for personal use?

If you want to lose your job or worse you drive the company vehicle in your free time. It is ALWAYS better to drive your own private vehicle during your free time unless you have the Companies permission to drive company vehicle anytime.

Why does a transmission shifter not work?

Typically the interlock with with the brake pedal has failed, also the transmission shifter linkage could be loose and jammed. You may be able to remove the shifter cover and see the interlock and manually move it aside so you can get vehicle to a shop. The interlock makes sure you do not put vehicle in gear without the brakes on.

Why will insurance company not test drive my auto which is being repaired?

Insurance co. are not required to test drive any vehicle.

What is the purpose of ignition interlock devices?

An ignition interlock device is a device that is installed into a vehicle. It is a safety device used to prevent people from driving if their breath is noticeably concentrated in alcohol.

Can you rent a car with a interlock restriction on your license?

Probably not, since an interlock restriction is an indication that you may not be a safe driver. The rental company I work for permits its branches to refuse such rentals at their discretion, so it need not be a company rule.

Is the business responsible if they are letting an unlicensed driver operate a company vehicle?

Yes. The company should be checking the validity of a persons drivers license before letting them drive any motor vehicle.

What does an interlock switch do on a 4x4 1987 Nissan pickup that has a 5 speed and Z24 engine?

The interlock switch is to start the vehicle without having to press in the clutch. It took me a while to figure this out myself.

When Brakes lights will not come on and gear shift will not go in drive would abs relay be the cause?

Check fuse for stop lightsStop lights and shift interlock are in a common circuitMove key to 1st position (unlock)Shift to neutral to start vehicle and then you should be able to shift to Drive

Where is the use of an ignition interlock device allowed?

An ignition interlock device is allowed inside a vehicle that has been ordered by the court to have one installed. It is used to prevent a car from starting if someone has had alcohol to drink.

Can coverage on a non-owners auto insurance policy be extended to a company car that I drive?

No, Non Owners often referred to as Named Driver insurance never covers a company vehicle. It is the responsibility of your company to provide insurance for it's employees when driving a company vehicle.