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Depends on size and only if it is 15 passengers or less max capacity (count the seats/seat belts).

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Q: Can you drive a bus with a regular driver's license?
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Does a bus driver drive the same bus all day?

It depends on what kind of bus company it is, school bus drivers usually drive the same bus, other public transit bus drivers like the Coach/Greyhound bus drivers do switch buses at a certain time.

What do you do if your drivers license was suspended now it is expired?

Get a bus pass

Im 17 and recently had my drivers license suspended. Is there anyway i can acquire a motorcylcle license.?

no, or a bus license, or a truck license

What license is required for someone to become a bus driver?

You need a special bus drivers license to become a bus driver. This license is called an F extension. You will also need to be cleared by your doctor.

Can you drive a manual bus with automatic license?


You dont have a drivers license how do you get a date?

How old are you? Get a ride? Taxi? Friend? Parents? Limo? Boat? Plane? Feet? Bus? But for normal average people: 1) get a friend to drive you and have her meet you. 2) get your parents to drive u and have her meet you. 3) get her to drive you with friends. 4) get a license.

Can you drink alcohol on passenger bus in florida with a driver who has a commercial drivers license?


What kind of conduct guidelines due school bus drivers have to follow themselves?

Obviously, School Bus Drivers are required to have Liscences to drive such a large Vehicle. In England, they require either a D1 or D2 license to drive them. Such liscences are issued by the DVLA. CRB checks are compulsory of School Bus Drivers, as they will be within close proximity of children, it necessary that they are checked for any criminal records, such as Paedophilia, and Sexual Crimes.

What are the cdl license requirements for the state of Minnesota?

Your son can get a CDL License in Minnesota at 16, however, he can only drive a commercial vehicle within the state of Minnesota, until he reaches the age of 21 years of age,as federal regulations require that interstate drivers be at least 21. Drivers must be at least 16 years old to get a regular CDL license in the state of Minnesota. CDL drivers must be at least 21 years old for a hazardous materials endorsement. The minimum age for school bus drivers in Minnesota is 18.

What kind of training do bus drivers need?

Bus drivers are required to successfully complete a drivers test and obtain a specific class of drivers licence . This class varies depending on province one is in. In Alberta a bus driver is required to carry a class 2 license. A clean drivers record is also required to be a bus driver.

Is a cdl license needed to drive a public school bus?


Can you drive a bus with a class a license?

Only if you have the appropriate passenger endorsement.

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