Can you drift a front wheel drive car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Can you drift a front wheel drive car?
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Did drifting originate with a front wheel drive car?

No, they are rear wheel drive. You cannot drift a FWD car.

Are minis the car rear wheel drive or front wheel drive?

They are front wheel drive.

Is a Lamborghini a drift car?

No, it is not a ''drifting car'' most lamborghinis are 4-wheel drive, but you can drift a lamborghini.

Does an RC car need to be four wheel drive to drift?

it depends

Can you drift with an automatic transmission?

you can drift in any rear wheel drive car with a LSD and 200+ hp

Is a Nissan Versa a front wheel drive car?

Yes , it's front wheel drive

Is the Jeep Compass a front wheel drive car?

The Jeep Compass is available in front wheel drive or all wheel drive.

What do you call the front frame of a car?

Depends on the car front wheel drive it a cradle rear wheel drive it a sub frame.

Is an Acura Integra a rear wheel drive car?

front wheel drive

What skids better rear wheel drive or Front Wheel drive?

Are you talking about "Drifting" ? purposely powering through turns, Or is your intention to skid to a stop? - Either will work, but you can Drift with a front wheel drive car while applying power to the drive wheels, and engaging the parking brake at the same time. Rear wheel drive can not be done while power is being applied.

Is a 97 Honda Civic front wheel drive or rear wheel drive?

It would be a front wheel drive car... the only 'car' from Honda that i know of that's rear wheel drive would be the s2000 and the NSX... a shame

Is the BMW 318is a front wheel or rear wheel drive car?

rear, as far as i know BMW has never made a front wheel drive car but they do also make all wheel drive cars