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No, you must have a rear license plate.

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Q: Can you display only front license plate in NC legally?
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Are you required to have a front license plate in Washington DC?

Yes, you are required to display front & rear plates.

Can you display a license plate on the front of a vehicle in Florida from another state or country?

Yes you can.

Can You Display A Ohio State Buckeyes Front plate under your state issued license plate in Ohio?

As long as your front plate is not obstructed or obscured in any way.

Do you have to have a front license plate?

In Virginia you do have a front license plate, but in Florida they do not.

Is a front license plate mandatory in CA?

Regardless of the state - if it issues two license plates one MUST be shown on the front AND the rear of the vehicle to which it is assigned.Answer:Yes, in California a front l license plate is mandatory for all motor vehicles other than motorcycles as provided for by Californian Motor Vehicle Code Section 4850.

Is not having a front license plate in Ohio a moving violation?

It violates Ohio law to not display a license plate from the front of your vehicle. However, it is not considered a "moving violation". FYI: Due to a loophole in the Ohio Revised Code, you need only to display the plate from the front of the car, which does include just placing it on the dash board. --- The front of the car means the front of the car. The windshield is the middle of the car. You will pay for that ticket.

Do I need a front license plate in Idaho?

Yes, Idaho requires front license plate.

What is the fine in Missouri for not having a front license plate?

I'm not sure what the official fine is for no front plate, or if there even is an official fine amount. I got a ticket for no front plate while my car was parked, and the officer checked the box for "failure to display lic. plate", and then wrote in pencil "no front plate". The fee for not showing any license plate at all is $85 dollars, which is what they're charging me. Seems a little unfair.

Is there an exception to the front license plate law in Iowa for vintage cars?

There isn't an exception to the front license plate law in Iowa. Regardless of the car type, the car must have a front license plate.

Can you display your front license plate in your window in Washington?

NO. They'll pull you over give you a couple warnings, but eventually you'll get a ticket. Which is ridiculous.

What is front son license plate?

Front Son is a Mexican Licence plate.

Is it illegal to have no front license plate in New Mexico?

No, it is not illegal. New Mexico does not require a front state license plate.