Can you costomise cars on lcs psp?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the only can only change the car color by going to red light district and go in that garage

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Q: Can you costomise cars on lcs psp?
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Is there a helicopter in gta lcs on psp?


Gta lcs helicopter cheat?

there is no cheat for a psp

How do you get helicopter on gta lcs for psp?

enter the cheat

Is there a super car cheat for Liberty City stories for psp?

There is no cheat code for the PSP to get cars to hover in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. There are cheats to make cars avoid you and to make cars turn black.

How much does gta lcs psp cost?

$20, but can be found for less

What is the cheat to unlock the bridge in shoreside vale in gta lcs psp?

You Cant???????????

How many flying cars are there in gta lcs?

There are none, but with the right requirements, you can mod the game (I only know for psp, not so sure about ps2) using a cheat device, available for download on the internet.

What is a cheat of getting a helicopter in gta lcs psp?

you just donload the cheat device

How can you get a hunter helicopter in gta lcs psp?

you have to do a mission in the churc hcalled false idol

GTA lcs cars fly cheat?

there isn't one...

Gta Liberty City stories psp heli cheat?

there is no heli cheat in gra lcs.

Can you mod GTA lcs?

Yes, I think you can, but first try the cheat device if you have a psp version.