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No for best results the Carburetor needs to be removed and completely disassembled. This helps in cleaning out the jets and small passages, Recommended to be done by an experienced mechanic in that field.

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Q: Can you clean a carburetor without taking it apart?
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How do you clean carburetor of motorcycle without taking apart?

It has to come apart to do a thorough job.

How do you clean the carburetor on a Yamaha outboard motor?

Taking it apart:-)

How do you fix Xbox 360 without taking apart or towels?

Use a toothbrush to clean out the xbox vents, then use an air hose to clean out the inside.

How do you clean a snowblower carburetor?

I would suggest you get a good crab cleaner and soak the carb in it.If that does not clean up your problem you will have to take the crab apart and clean it with cleaner and compressed air.

How do yo claen a Yamaha raptor 660 carburetor?

Take it off take it apart and clean it using petrol and a toothbrush

Why won't the carburetor on your Honda recon trx250 atv get any fuel?

There are various possibilities. One is that the fuel line is clogged. Make sure the fuel line is free of dirt and clean. Another thing, the carburetor float may be stuck. Third, old gas could have jellied inside the carburetor which makes for dissassembly and cleaning. Still another possibility is a clogged fuel jet. I would advise taking the carburetor apart and clean it after checking the fuel line, since if cleaning the fuel line won't help then it is a carburetor problem.

How do you clean a carburetor on a Honda fourtrax 350 ATV?

you have to take out the carburetor and then clean it

What is carburetor cleaner?

Carburetor cleaner is a chemical spray which is used to remove buildup and deposits from carburetors. It is designed to safely clean without damaging the surface.

How do you clean a Yamaha blaster carburetor?

okay you dissmount the carburetor from the engine said and the airbox side, remember where the hoses went, now take a screw driver take apart the float bowl (the bottom of the carburetor) if it smells like old gas, take the gas out of the bike, you then clean it with solvent and a wire brush, take apart the top housing dont lose the jet needle because you need this to keep the bike from flooding, and just clean it with the wire brush and there ya go :)

How do you clean the carburetor on a 1979 suzuki gs550?

To clean the carburetor on the 1979 Suzuki GS550, it is a good idea to empty the carburetor and remove all fuel lines. Then, replace the float and valve in the carburetor and clean the bowl. Fill the carburetor with fuel and flush several times.Ê

Lawnmower starts but won't stay running?

Dirty carburetor.

How do you clean a carburetor on a Yamaha 450?

Okay first of all you take it off and then you take it apart and remember where each piece goes and clean it with a old rag and gas soak it in gas and then out it back together and you should be good.