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To change a 460 Ford engine and make it displace 351 cubes, you would have to remove the 3.85" stroke crank, and install a crank with a 2.94" stroke. I do not know how to change the year on the engine.

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2009-09-17 19:29:58
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Q: Can you change a 1985 460 to a 1983 351?
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Can you put a 460 in to a 1985 e350?

I have a 460 in my 1983 e350.

Will a 460 auto transmission fit a 351 motor?

351 M yes 351 W No, you may need to change the output shaft because the 460 had a couple of options...

Can you bolt a 460 to a 351W transmission 4wheel drive in a 1983 half ton?


Does a 351 windsor bell housing bolt pattern match a 460?

no 351 windsor engine is small block. 460 is a big block

Will a 4 speed out of a Ford F-250 with a 460 cid engine fit a ford f-150 with a 351 HO cid auto trans?

No. You need a transmission for a 351 (5.8L) windsor, 302 (5.0L) or 300 (4.9L)6 cylinder. The 460 Trans will fit a 460, 429, 400, or 351 M or Modified. The 351M is a big block. Your 351 HO is a 351 W or Windsor. It's a small block.answernot all ho were windsor but you may have to change bell housing then it will fit

Can a performer intake manifold from a 351 fit on 460?

NO, Not even close.

How much does a Ford 351 Windsor weigh?

289 ford weighs 460# 351 frod weighs 520# with iron heads

Will a ford 460 fit in 1985 bronco engine bay?

Yes, this is a common swap as it is a much larger engine than the 351 V8 that came in Broncos, especially since the front of a Bronco is identical to the front of the F-series trucks the 460 came in. A donor truck with a 460 in it should have everything needed for a swap. If not, several sites sell 460 conversion kits.

What is the cid in a 5.8L 302351 or a 460?

Fords 5.8 liter engine is 351 cubic inches ( Ford calls there 302 a 5.0 liter and there 460 a 7.5 liter )

Is a 5.4 engine equal to a 460 engine?

I'm going to say no, 5.4 on Fords, is the old 351 back in the '80's, 460 will be around or over 6.5

What gas engine interchanges with a 7.3 power stroke?

None Unless you change the Transmission too. 7.3 Diesel Bellhousing looks similar to a 351 and 460 Gas motors but there is a difference.

What is the Compression for a 1985 Ford 460?

8.9 to 1

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