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Well, yes! Check the laws by going on the web and look at gun carry statutes for Florida. I have a non res from Florida and a resident license from Texas.

Licenses are drastically different though.

In Texas, it is a LTC. License to carry, concealed or open. Hand guns only. In Texas, you do not need to be licensed to carry a rifle in a ar.

Florida is a concealed weapons licence. This means any legal weapon you can carry is ok. You can carry knifes, dirks, collaspable batons, num chucks and just about anything you can think of.

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Q: Can you carry a concealed gun in your car with a concealled permit in Florida?
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Can you concealed carry on Florida as a non resident?

Not legally. You can carry a concealed weapon if you have a concealed weapons permit from Florida, or from any state that Florida recognizes.

Who does CCW training in Maryland?

Mid-Atlantic Firearms Training does concealed carry weapons training for Maryland handgun permit, Florida Handgun Permit and Utah concealed carry permit.

Can a repo man in Florida carry a gun?

Only if he has a 'concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit'.

Can you carry a concealed weapon with a permit in a Florida restaurant?

Yes, you can carry a concealed weapon with a permit in a Florida restaurant unless the restaurant explicitly prohibits it. However, it is always a good idea to check the specific laws and regulations of the restaurant or establishment before carrying your concealed weapon inside.

Are switch blades illegal in Florida?

No, it is legal to carry one and sell them... but you have to have a gun permit to carry them concealed.

Is the permit to carry in pa different then concealed carry permit?


Can you carry a concealed hand gun in Texas if you have a permit?

Yes, if you have a Texas concealed handgun carry permit, or a permit from any state with which Texas recognizes reciprocity, you can carry a concealed hangun in Texas.

What is the law on carrying a concealed unregistered pistol in VA?

There is no gun registration in Virginia. As for concealed carry, you must possess either a Virginia concealed carry permit, or a concealed carry permit from a state whose permit is valid in Virginia.

Can you carry a concealed handgun in AZ?

No. As of 2010, Arizona allows anyone who can legally own a handgun to carry it, openly or concealed, without a permit. Before then, you could carry openly without a permit, but not concealed.

In which us states can you legally carry a concealed firearm?

You can get a concealed carry permit in most states, and a few states allow concealed carry without a permit. See for more information.

Concealed to carry?

You didn't really ask a question, but I'll give you some basic information on concealed carry. Each state sets its own rules and laws regarding concealed carry, so each state is different in the process to obtain a concealed carry permit, or weapons permit, or handgun permit.

Can you get a concealed carry permit in Calif?