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No you cant because you have signed a contract and it means you have to deal with it till it ends.

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Q: Can you cancel buying a car after you have signed a contract for finance?
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Is there a law in MA for a time frame to cancel a signed contract?

Massachusetts does not have a cooling off period in which you can cancel a signed contract.

If you signed a purchase contract stating that the buyer would finance can you cancel the contract if you can't get a loan?

It depends upon the specific terms and conditions of the contract. If the contract simply states it is the buyer's obligation to secure financing, then you can NOTcancel the contract. If the contract states that the agreement is conditional upon the buyer's ability to secure a loan, then you CAN cancel the contract.

How do I cancel my directv?

You call them and cancel. If you signed a contract, review the contract for any early termination requirements.

Can a car salesman not honor a signed finance agreement?

The following represent the few situations in which a car salesman may choose not to honor a signed finance contract: * Customer provided false or misleading information in order to acquire the loan (therefore, the car salesman may cancel the contract) * Car salesman provided false or misleading information to the customer (therefore, the car salesman's manager may cancel the contract)

Can I cancel a contract that I signed if it is within 72 hours?

A contract is legally binding and in general you cannot cancel it. The only exception is if the contract states there is a period of time to cancel it. Many people have the wrong information on this topic.

Can you cancel a contract that you signed in Edmonton Alberta?

You can always cancel a contract regardless of where you signed it, provided you are willing to pay the resulting damages for cancellation without a valid reason.

how do i cancel directv?

Call customer service and tell them that you want to cancel your service.

Can i cancel a lease if never even signed a contract or moved in?

A lease IS a contract. If you did not sign it, you do not have a lease.

Can purchaser cancel auto financing?

The only time the purchaser can cancel auto financing is in the begining of the loan during the "interview" with the finance company. That is one of the reasons the dealership will not tell you who the finance company is before they get "funded" by the bank. If you knew who the finance company was before the dealership gets funded then you can cancel the financing. The other issue you have is the contract signed with the dealership. They can still say they will be the bank and stick you with the car and the financing.

Can a car dealership cancel a purchase?

A car dealership can cancel a purchase if they haven't received the right amount of money to honor the contract. Otherwise, they can't cancel a contract that has already been signed.

If you drive off the lot can you still bring it back and cancel the contract?

NO! You signed a contract, you own the car now.

Can you get out of a car finance contract for being underage?

Generally, if a contract is signed by a person who is under 18 years of age, the contract is not valid.