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Yes, although there are certain offenses for which everyone will disqualify you for.

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Q: Can you become a truck driver if you have a felony?
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What do you need to become a truck driver?

A truck

I have a felony can i still become a truck driver and can i get traing from a company and a school?

Not at my school. I can't get you a job. Be very careful about paying for a school that promises you a job.

Where can I learn to become a truck driver?

Training to become a truck driver can be made possible by perusing certain websites: There is information about licensing and passing tests to become a successful driver.

How do you become a fire truck driver in city driver?

Go and drive and get there

Can anyone become a truck driver without qualifications?

Yes, in order to become a truck driver there is some training involved. It is a simple training process; just some classes and then a license that certifies one as a truck driver is given.

How much does it cost to become a truck driver?

Nothing First of all you to be a cleaner for some years den get promoted and be a truck driver....................

Can you become a truck driver with a domestic violence charge?


How do you become a dump truck driver?

In order to be a dump truck driver, you first need to have your commercial driver's license, or CDL. Afterwards, you would need to be hired on by a construction company.

How can I become a truck driver in New Jersey? is the available site where you can find the best available way to get trained for being the truck driver in respectable state.

How old do you have to be to become a truck driver in Texas?

21 years old

What is the best way to become a truck driver?

To learn about taking classes to become a truck driver, visit You will need to download a manual to study and be sure to take your CDL at your local DMV.

Is it hard to become a truck driver?

Becoming a truck driver isn't hard. Making it in the industry is where most fall short, and that's why the industry has such a high turnover rate.