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Yes you can be in any lane as long as that lane is exclusively for trucks.

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Q: Can you be in any lane on a truck route if in a truck?
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Is route 24 in Indiana a truck route?


What does the British term lane mean?

A lane is a small pathway. It can alse be used to denote a fixed route, such as a 'swimming lane".

What is a road or lane of travel called?

A road or lane of travel is commonly called a thoroughfare.

Who is at fault if car in right lane moves to left lane and hit by truck on left side near gas tank behind rear wheels?

The fault lies with the car moving from the right lane to the left. He or she should have looked and ensured there was room before moving over. The truck already in the left lane should have made room, if it could. If the above-mentioned driver's lane change was abrupt and unsignaled, or if there was no opportunity for the truck in the left lane to make room, then the truck will have little blame.

How can i get a truck driving job with Mc Lane?

you are my friend

What are the release dates for Truck Universe - 2004 Victory Lane Edition?

Truck Universe - 2004 Victory Lane Edition was released on: USA: 14 May 2011

What is the lane beside the roadway?

The lane beside the roadway is the shoulder of the road if on a highway, and if on a regular street it may be a bicycle route or a turn lane.

What is an air lane?

An air lane is a route used by commercial aircraft when flying form one airport to another.

Why is St Lawrence river to important?

It is an important shipping lane (route).

If a semi truck makes a left turn from the center lane of a 3 lane one way road onto a one lane one way road and a car is hit by his left rear trailer tire while in the left lane who is at fault?

That depends... I drive truck. To answer this correctly I need to ask two questions. Was the two vehicles traveling on an open highway or designated freeway? Or, Were the two vehicles sitting at an intersection waiting for the green light? If they were traveling on an open highway the truck should have signaled his intentions and moved over to the left lane when it was safe to do so. Now.... most of the time, a truck will signal a lane change and any cars traveling in that lane will sneak up next to his rear wheels. The truck who is already commited to the lane change may or may not see the car. So, the car is at fault. The second scenario is just as complicated. The truck has to be in the farthest lane from the turn to make the turn without running over the sidewalk. If the truck was making a left turn and the car came up alongside to make a left turn also, again the car could be made accountable. But most likely the truck will be held at fault because he should have been paying attention to the turning side of his vehicle. Especially the left side since he does not need his mirrors to see what's on that side of the truck.

What to do when you are sharing a lane with a large truck?

leave space in case the truck drifts back slightly when it starts to move if you are stopped behind a truck on an upgrade.

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