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maybe but your car would be repossessed

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Q: Can you be arrested for not paying your car payments?
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Can you be arrested for not making a car payment for over a year?

No payments?? NO Hiding the car AND not paying?? Possible but NOT likely. NO, it is a CIVIL matter, not a CRIMINAL offense.

Making car payments can your car be repo?

If your paying for the car, they cannot!

Can you be arrested for not paying the deficiency owed after car repossession if you have a co-signer?


Can a buy here pay here car dealer have you arrested if you stop making payments in tn?

No you cannot be arrested for stopping paymentsto any car dealer, they can and will come get the car, however.

Can you insure a car that you are paying payments on until its paid for from a private owner who holds the title?

I would insure any car that I was driving or making payments on. If you are on the title then you are an owner.

You stop making payments and they come get the car can they take you to jail for not making the payments?

No, once the car is repossed by the seller, you will not be arrested but the company will often resale the car at auction and can sue you for the remainder of what you owe including interest.

Can the cosigner repossess the car if the person is not making the payments?

If the co signers credit is going to be affected because of the lack of payments from the payee, and if the co signer is paying for the payments, then yes the car can be given over to the co signer, especially if the payee is not paying for the car that was agreed upon. check with the finance companies, and your local state, county laws.

What is the punishment for not paying child support in Georgia?

There is a punishment for not paying child support in Georgia. Typically, the authorities will take away the drivers license of the person who is not paying their child support payments. If the person continues not to pay, they will be arrested.

You kept making car payments after discharged in chapter 7 if you stop paying and don't surrender the car can the lender go and undo your bankruptcy?

No. But, the vehicle will become a repossession if payments are not made.

Can you be arrested for not paying your apartment debt?

Yes you could be arrested for not paying your apartment debt.

What does a car amortization calculator do?

A car amortization calculator lets you compare payment options, like bi-monthly, monthly, or bi-weekly payments. It could help you organize your payments and facilitate paying off your car.

Does paying off your car help your credit score?

To pay off debt yes, to make monthly payments no.

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