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depends on if you let it haze up or not

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Q: Can wax on car not bead up and still be good?
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What kind of car wax spray is good for a red car?

Turtle Wax is a good car way spray. It has been used and known for many years. It also gives your car a nice shine after that car has been wax and buffed.

What is the best current brand of car wax?

The best brand of car wax is Turtle Wax Carnauba Car Wax T-6. This brand is both affordable and versatile. In addition to giving the car a good shine, it offers protection from pollutants and makes the car water-repellent.

Does it help to put car wax in with car soap to wash the car?

Short answer: No. Why? Because wax has to attach itself to the car, and water would prevent that from happening. But a truly good wax job makes a car look brand new, so might as well do it right the first time. Wax on, Wax off. Repeat 50 million times...

When detailing a car with good paint can you start with glaze and then use a cleaner wax?

First you want to put cleaner wax then use a glaze like a good caranuba wax, Meguiars makes a pretty good wax I'd use their waxes

How do you get car wax off your car?

put more wax on to wax it off

Car wax ingredients?

Car wax ingredeants

How do you remove car wax off plastic trim?

Good luck with that. The best way is not to get any wax on the trim in the first place.

What is zymol wax?

it is a car wax

What is a good auto detailer to help keep my car in good condition?

Duct Clean to Keep that New-Car Smell. Using liquid spray wax that can touch up these spots between waxings is a good idea but not a substitute for a real wax coating

What is the plural of wax?

The plural for wax is still wax.

Where can someone find information on how to wax a car properly?

Instructions on how to wax a car properly are normally found on the product being used. If the product does not come with instructions for proper use or the directions are unhelpful, there are several good how-to videos on YouTube that show good car waxing techniques.

What is the best car wax for a new car shine?

Turtle Wax is the most popular brand of car wax for giving your vehicle that new car shine. You can purchase it at