Can tungsten rings be resized

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Tungsten rings are too hard to re-size or change, once it's produced it will never be change and hold it appearance unless you crack it into pieces by hardware.

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Q: Can tungsten rings be resized
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Can titanium rings be resized?

No. Titanium rings cannot be resized.------------------ Titanium rings can be resized; my company does it regularly.

Can rings be resized?

yes, but sometimes they charge you. Not all rings could be resized. Only rings made of silver, gold or platinum could be resized ------- The above answer just isn't true. We have sized rings of titanium, palladium, and stainless steel, to name a few.

What to use on tungsten rings?

Tungsten carbide is known as the hardest metal on the planet, it's second to diamond and rings made of tungsten meaning the unchanged. The best known for tungsten rings are wedding band. But now tungsten rings are as well as Cluster rings, Engagement rings, Eternity rings.

What is the difference between a tungsten wedding band and a tungsten-steel wedding band?

Tungsten wedding bands are made with 100% Tungsten. Tungsten Steel is made with 1/2 Tungsten and 1/2 Steel and those are the rings that will turn your fingers green, you dont want that! Tungsten Carbide Rings/Wedding Bands are the best option and are industry standard. They have about 95% Tungsten with a Nickel binder. I have had mine for about a year now and it still looks great, not a single scratch and still shiny! Make sure to get a lifetime warranty because they can not be resized. I got mine here:

Can cobalt wedding rings be resized?

Cobalt wedding rings can be resized without damage. The jeweler will heat it to an extreme temperature and make it larger or smaller to fit the finger. Cobalt is popular for rings due to its affordability and durability.

Do tungsten Cambridge rings have gold in them?

No, tungsten carbide rings do not have gold in them. Rings that are made from tungsten are actually about 10 times harder than those that are made with 18K gold.

Do tungsten carbide rings smell?

Tungsten carbide rings are made from tungsten carbide powder. It has a dark hue due to the grey powder from the tungsten and blackness of carbon. Both tungsten and carbon are odourless and hypoallergenic. There's no need to worry as all tungsten jewelry should pass the EU standard before being sold on market.

Where could one purchase standard tungsten carbide rings?

Standard tungsten carbide rings can be purchased at many jewelry stores. Places like Zales, Walmart and Jared are such stores that carry tungsten carbide rings.

How many rings does tungsten?


Where can rings be resized to size 4?

If you need a ring to be resized to a size 4, you can take it to your local Walmart. In the jewelry department in Walmart you can have your ring sent to be resized for a small fee. Other options are local jewelry stores.

What will make a ring impossible to resize?

A rings originality will make it impossible to resize. For example;a rings special design might be ruined if its resized.. To see whether a ring resizable, it mainly depens on the matal; silver, platinum or gold made rings can be resized; while rings made of cheap metals can't be resize

Do wedding rings shrink?

As far as I know, also depending on the type of metal you get, wedding rings do not shrink. In the case that your fingers become more swollen, you can always get your ring resized by a jeweler. Likewise, if your finger becomes slimmer, you can also get it resized.