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If you owe money on a car loan or are a cosigner for a car loan, yes.

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Q: Can they take money from my check for a car i don't have?
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You had a wreck your insurnce company sent a check with your name and chase bank name on it what do you do from hear?

cash the check and buy a new car. you dont have to buy a car with that money but i recomend it

What to do when girl ask for fun in San Andreas?

bring her to back alley in car, have fun! THEN (DONT FORGET) kill her and take her money/your money back

Car turns on but lights dont?

Check your fuses

Should you take a personal check for your used car?

absolutly not... I dont even take cashier checks with all the fraud and fake checks these days.

Do I have to repair my car with an insurance check?

No, you can spend that check anyway you like. It's your money. The insurance company doesn't care if you repair your car or not. You could decide you will take the train to work, it is your business.

If your car was just repossessed will they let you get it back if you have the money and how long will it take to get it back?

get it back?? prolly, depends on your payment record,ect. They really dont want the car, they want the MONEY. How long?? a day or two

Can chase take money out of your account for a loan on a car without notifying you?

No- but check to see whether you already agreed that they could do that.

How long does it take to get insurance money for a stolen car and the car was found?

You will get the car back and plus they will give you the money to repair all damages on the vehicle. You will not get a check for the full amount of the car unless its totaled. You must have comprehensive in order to have coverage on a vehicle that has been stolen.

If car is repo can they garish the person that co-sign for you check?

yes. if you dont have the money to pay for the vehicle, they go after the next person responsible which is the person that co signed for you

Where can I get my car checked?

Yes I do know where you can get your car checked indeed. The place to check your car is a local garage. People at a garage will be happy to check your car and make some money.

If served with a wage garnishment can they also take your car if you hold a clear title?

I don't think so. The logic being no car, no way to get to work. No work, no pay. No pay, no check to garnish. No check to garnish, no way to get their money.

What to do when you sell your car?

Take the money and run..

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