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Yes, if the cables are damaged, excessively corroded, or not fastened correctly that can cause your car to not start.

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Q: Can the battery cables stop your car from starting?
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Does rusty car battery cables keep car from starting?

Yes it can

What can cause car starting problems other than a bad or low battery?

try checking the battery cables

Why car has poor starting?

Check the battery and see if it is charged or needs to be changed. Check the battery cables Check the starter condition

Which is an example of a simple sentence from how to jump start a car battery?

The hardest part of jump-starting a battery is remembering where to put the cables

When is your battery charged?

When using battery cables to start a car, once it has started is there a procedure when removing the cables from the running car?

What makes the car stop starting after you take off the battery cable?

Removal of the battery cable

How do you jump start a Pontiac Montana?

Jump starting a Pontiac include jumper cables and another vehicle with a battery. A person will need to put jumper cables on each car battery to jump start it.

How can you make a car without a battery move?

If your car has a battery and it's dead, you can call a friend who has some jumper cables. You can hook the jumper cables up to his battery and your car's battery. It should create electricity that will renew your battery. If your car does not have a battery, you would have to push it or get it towed.

What is a jump box used for?

Considering that this is in the car starting problems category, I am assuming you mean a Jump Box to start a car. In this case, a jump box is a device with a battery and attached cables that can be used to jump start your car. This is used when a car battery has died. Another alternative is to use jumper cables with another car.

How do wire battery cables to a club car golf cart?

I need a picture of the battery cables wired to the batteries on a 1982 golf club car

What are the car battery cables hooked up to?

the alternator

Why can you start a car with a battery outside of the car?

Sure, connect it to the car with jumper cables.