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Q: Can putting sugar in a car engine cause damage?
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What is the worst thing to add to gas?

Water, or sugar. Either will prevent an engine from starting or firing and can cause damage to internal components.

What does sugar due when put in gas-tank?

Fall to the bottom of the tank and sit there. Sugar will not dissolve in gasoline. It may clog the fuel filter but it will do not damage to the engine. It is a myth that it will damage an engine.

Can a mixture of sugar and water poured through your gas tank cause your head gasket to crack?

No, the sugar will not mix with the gasoline but might clog the fuel filter. The water will stop the engine from running but will do no permanent damage and neither will the sugar.

Does sugar in your petrol damage engine?

This myth has been around almost as long as there have been automobiles. On Halloween, the older and less scrupulous trick-or-treaters go around the neighborhood putting sugar in the neighbor's gas tanks because it will destroy the engines. Or maybe an angry homeowner uses this trick to get revenge on a neighbor for the loud parties he or she likes to throw. The premise is that the sugar will caramelize and form a thick sludge that clogs your fuel lines and gunks up the carburetor. However, scientific studies have failed to produce evidence of such a reaction resulting in damage to an engine. Very little of the sugar even remains inside the engine long enough to do harm. Because sugar is particulate matter, it could conceivably cause damage to an engine the same way that sand and dirt can, but the sugar would have to be added to the gasoline repeatedly for any significant damage to occur. So you'll have to find a better method of getting revenge on the neighbor whose noisy car engine wakes you up early every Saturday morning.

What damage can sugar do to a gas tank?

It ruins your engine in your vehicle It is an old wives tale, the sugar sits on the bottom of the fuel tank like sand. It does not dissolve in gasoline. The program "The Myth Busters" did a segment on this and proved sugar in the fuel tank does nothing to damage the engine.

What negative effects the ingredient sugar has on the human body if too much is eaten?

can cause kidney damage, diabetes, and it suppresses the immune system sugar can cause kidney damage, diabetes, and it can also suppress the immune system

Will sugar in gas tank make gas spill from the tank?

Putting sugar in a gas tank will mean a trip to the garage since the sugar will ruin the gas filter and go into the engine.

Can sugar ruin an engine?

unless the car is a cake, yes..Answer 2:In cars there are multiple protections put in place to ensure that sugar does not get to the engine; fuel filters, oil filters, etc.Putting sugar in the fuel tank would clog the fuel tank filter (tank sock), and or the fuel filter. Putting sugar in the oil would clog the oil filter (engage the bypass so oil would still flow). The engine may shut down, but little damage would incur from the act.

Can you smoke sugar?

Sugar burns, But smoking it is a VERY bad idea , any type of smoke can burn your lungs, and cause long term damage.

What happens if you put sugar in a diesel truck?

Myth Busters did a segment on this subject. Actually the sugar will not dissolve in diesel. The sugar will stay intact as a granule. It may stop up the fuel filter but will not harm the engine otherwise. It is a myth to believe it will damage an engine.

How long does it take to notice that someone put sugar into your gas tank?

You may never notice it because the sugar will just fall to the bottom of the tank. It may eventually clogged the fuel filter but will do no damage to the engine. Sugar will not dissolve in gasoline and it is a myth that it will destroy the engine.

What can you put in gas to make a lawn mower engine seize up?

you could try putting a cup of sugar crystals into the gas tank.......