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Q: Can police search your vehicle if it was abandoned after running off the road?
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Can the police search a vehicle find IDs and run the info when the owners of the vehicle and IDs are not present and they do not have a warrant?

As a general answer, yes, they can. The police are required to investigate suspicious circumstances. However without knowing more specific information about this event it is impossible to give a more complete answer. Where was the owner of the vehicle? Was the vehicle occupied? Abandoned? ? Whose ID's did they find? What were the circumstances of the search? What did the police learn when they ran the ID's? Etc.

Is a warrant for somebodies arrest reasonable cause for police to search a vehicle?

yes, if you have a warrent out then they will search the vehicle.

Can a 1 year old be left alone whilst police search house?

No, because the police will think the child is abandoned.

Do police have the right to search your vehicle because you have a felon riding in it with you?

Police do have the right to search your vehicle for any reason they feel is justified. They may have a suspicion of illegal activity and pull you over to search the car.

Is a search of abandoned property illegal?

No. Once property is abandoned or discarded, you lose the reasonable expectation of privacy, so a search is legal. For example, police often search the curbside trash of suspected drug dealers. They use their findings in order to get a search warrant.

How do you obtain a title for an abandoned motorcycle in Florida?

Contact the MVD (Motor Vehicle Department) and do a title search. You will need the vehicle VIN and there will be a fee.

What amendment can be violated by police officers who need to search a vehicle?

the 3rd

Can police search your car when I'm not there?

I'll assume you meant to ask "Can the police search mycar when I'm not there?"The only situation where the police would require your presence is if the justification for the search was your consent. Otherwise, the search could be based on the car appearing to be abandoned, unlawfully parked (which would permit it to be towed and inventoried), used in a crime, based on probable cause, incidental to an arrest, or other other circumstances. Even a consent search would be lawful if you or someone else having control of the vehicle had given their consent for a search with you not present.

Can police search a purse that was dropped on the ground?

Yes. The purse is considered either lost property or abandoned property.

Can police search your tractor trailer with out consent?

As with any other vehicle, it'll require probable cause. If a police officer sees a lot lizard go into your truck, for example, then they have probable cause to search that vehicle.

If permission given to search car by someone other then car owner is it illegal search?

If permission is given by the operator of the vehicle for the police to search it, then it is a legal search. The operator is the person responsible for the vehicle and as such they have the right to give permission.

Can a police officer in Michigan search your vehicle without permission?

In certain situations, YES.