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Q: Can police break into your car to search it when parked in public?
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What public schools are on spring break in march?

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Is it against the law to park unregistered vehicles on private property in wallingfordct?

No it is not against the law. People have cars that they're not using or old cars that aren't in use anymore sitting in their yard. It does not break any law as long as it is parked on your property unless the vehicle is parked on public property.

How can they charge you with something if you are not present when police search your home?

It's YOUR home isn't it? Did somebody break into your home and leave their contraband there??? PUHLEEZ!

How do you break in someones car?

You can drive into the car you want to break when it is parked. It would be best to do this with an old, cheap car that you don't care about.

How do you break up with someone if they are a ignorant angry person?

If the person is ignorant and angry it should make it that much easier to break up with them. You can have a friend or friends with you when you break up and be you do so in a quiet, but public place. If you receive any threats after the break up from this person then report them to the police.

When should you use the emergency break in a car?

You should only use an emergency break if, A: Your breaks have stopped working or B: You are parked on an incline/hill

Did The Police break up?

The Police break up because they wanted to be solo, they had arguments and fights, and they couldn't stand with each other.

why won't the police help me after my landlord sent someone to break into my home?

why won't the police help me after my landlord sent someone to break into my home

Are the police allowed to break personal items during a search warrant?

No they are not. Not randomly at any rate. However if they have probable cause to believe that there is evidence that pertains to the crime, then they are allowed to access that room or item that they believe to hold that evidence as outlined in the search warrant.

Can you get searched without a parent?

No, because it will break the fourth amendment stating that no unreasonable searches or seizures can be preformed. The police also need probable cause and the permission of the parents as a witness to search a minor.

You were returning to work from an unscheduled break caught your toe on the edge of the curb where you had parked injuring your knee and hip is this covered?


If the police break into a person home illegally to love for evidence that could be.?

Under the constitution 4th, 5th, and 14th amendments an illegal search and seizure can not be used to convict a person. In 1950 a woman in Ohio had an illegal search done by the police and they seized evidence while in her home. The case went to the Supreme Court and she won her case.