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Yes, You can still get auto Insurance on your own.. It is common for people to exclude an unlicensed spouse from from coverage on their Auto insurance Policy. This way you don't get penalized for your spouses driving record.

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Q: Can people get car insurance if a spouse's license is suspended?
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What is provisional licence insurance?

Provisional license insurance is insurance for people who have a provisional drivers license. A provisional license is for drivers under the age of 16 who are driving with a learners permit or a person who has previously had a license revoked or suspended and who has recently obtained a new license.

Can you get auto insurance on a suspended license?

Yes. As long as your license hasn't been permanently revoked for life. I have a couple of companies that will insure people with no licenses. This does come with a large price tag though...

What if you have full coverage insurance for your car and you have a single car accident and you have a suspended license does the insurance people still pay for it?

* wrong side driving car was total damage * drank liqueds and drove the car it is also pay *

Should people pulled over for a DUI have their license suspended for life?

yes, people should have their license suspended for life because it is a privalege to drive and if you kill someone or put people at risk for their death, you are taking away the trust to be allowed to drive.

Who drives a car?

Only people with a license and car insurance are legal to drive a car, though many people without a license and/or insurance drive cars daily.

Do people need license to by car's and to ship them around the world?

Need business license, tax ID#, export license, insurance etc.

Do you need auto insurance if you have a drivers license?

Only if you plan to drive a vehicle. This is generally the reason people get a drivers license.

What happens if two people get into an accident and one driver has a suspended license and the other driver has no auto insurance and the accident was caused by the person with no insurance?

Good luck getting any relief from the damages caused by the driver with no insurance since you were on the road without a license. Given the circumstances, you cannot file a police report. If the other driver offers cash, take it. Your insurance certainly won't pay either. I suppose you might park the remains of your car and start riding the bus or bike until your suspension ends.

Can insurance increase for other people having a license in the same household?

yes, the insurance company assumes that everyone at the same address with a license will be driving, one will be primary but everyone will have to be listed. if not and they get in an accident, the insurance company has grounds for dismissal.

What happen if a 19yrs wreck a car and has no license or insurance?

You will be cited for not having a license and people would bill you for any damage you caused.

What happens if you don't have auto insurance?

If they catch you they will usually take away your license. But most people who drive without insurance have no qualms about driving without a license and usually have nothing of value to their name either; thus, uninsured motorists insurance was born.

Does not having a license plate cause your insurance to go up?

I've never seen an insurance company that asks for your license plate number or anything to do with you plate. When you get tickets for driving without a license plate then your insurance might go up for the points. Insurance companies don't care about your tag, the color of the vehicle, or any of these oddball things people say.