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Certainly, a loose wire on the car battery can cause the car not to start.

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Q: Can loose wires cause a car battery not to start?
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What would cause car gauges to shake?

COmputer, loose battery, defective battery/volt amps or loose wiring harness/ wires grounding out somewhere

What does it mean when you try to start your car and you hear a click and it doesnt start?

Battery is dead, wires are loose or corroded, or starter is defective.

Why you Ford Escape 2001 do not start?

Corroded battery cables, loose battery wires at the starter, water in fuel tank, clogged fuel filter

What would cause you gages to malfunction would a weak battery in a vehicle cause this?

A weak battery, loose/broken wires making a short, defective sensors that monitor what the gauges are displaying

Why wont suzuki carry start i have no spark or power to injectors what is the problem?

check your battery connections (maybe loose wires)

What wires in a 2003 crown Victoria will cause it to not start?

What makes you so sure it's wires? Any loose ground related to the cranking system can cause it, faulty spark plug wires will also do it.

What would cause your car not to start with a fully charged battery?

Corrosion on the wires, bad starter or starter solenoid, worn flywheel or flexplate, many things. Even just corroded battery terminals could cause no start.

Why the car does not start even though it cranks well Why does this happen intermittently?

there are many things that can cause this problem. bad spark plugs / wires bad alternator ignition problems loose or corroded battery conection incorrect timing

Will a water pump cause your car to start funny like sometimes click then start?

No. If you have a clicking noise when you try to start your car there is a couple of common causes. You may have a loose or weak connection to your battery. Try checking the battery wires to ensure proper contact with the battery. The other could be an issue with the fly wheel. If the fly wheel is missing teeth, it can have a difficult time turning with the starter.

Why did you lose your lights gauges igntion etc when all you did was replace battery cable ends?

It probably wasn't the ends to begin with. Start looking for loose wires starting with the ends if the battery tested good.

While driving your car stops and the electrical system fails then wont start but starts up after a minute or so. what can i do to fix it?

Start with the battery terminals and connections on the other ends of the battery wires. Check the battery itself as a loose plate in the battery could be heating up and shorting the battery for a moment causing the problem.

2001 Toyota tacoma wont start just clicks with full battery?

To start with, how do you know you have a full battery? If your battery has a one or two bad cells in it, it will give the apperance that it is fully charged but actually is not. If you know for a fact the battery is good, you may want to check all your wires going to your battery. Look for corrosion, broken or loose wires or even a loose clamp on one of your posts. Lastly and probably most extreme case, your starter might be going out. If you can reach it, knock on it a few times with a hammer, or something else in that nature BUT BE SURE NOT TO HIT ANY WIRES OR LINES!

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