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No, but your car dealer can get a new key by the VIN Number.

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Q: Can key a locksmith make a key for a car without the actually key?
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Can a locksmith make a replacement ignition key for a 1998 Ford Taurus Station Wagon without the original?

The dealer should be able to make a duplicate just from the VIN # for the car.A locksmith can make a key for just about anything legal, but he usually has to go to the car. Write down the VIN# and call a locksmith with it. If he cannot get it for you, then get a price for his coming out to the car, and get a price from the dealer. Compare these and choose.

Can a locksmith make a car key for a 2003 Pontiac Bonneville?


What is the difference between a car locksmith and a door locksmith?

Now that we have mentioned the residential locksmith services and car locksmith services, you know the job each does. The obvious difference is that a car locksmith fixes locking systems for vehicles whereas a residential locksmith fixes doors. Other than traditional key unlocking, a car locksmith will be an expert in electronics and microchips required for car key fob reprogramming. Similarly, a door locksmith will be skilled in smart lock installation and its services.

Car is locked no access how to access without key code?

Call a locksmith. There is no way to retrieve the code from outside.

How do you unlock a car steering wheel security club without a key?

You would need a locksmith to unlock it for you, there is no real way to do it without having the key.

How do you get a ignition key for your car?

You can call the best locksmith in your city like Locksmith Atlanta Pro LLC in Atlanta for this service.

Where can I find an affordable car locksmith?

If you want an affordable car locksmith to unlock your car for you, you can go to Property Lock & Key. It is located in Oxnard, California and you can get the best deals.

How much does a car locksmith make a year?

As with any profession, a locksmith's earnings depends in large part on what area of the country or world they live in. It also depends on how many competitors there are in the same area.

Will AAA cover the cost of a car locksmith if you locked your keys in the car?

No, AAA will not cover the cost of a car locksmith if you locked your keys in the car. Such an incident is considerd as personal fault and has nothing to do with insurance.

How do you get replacement car keys?

The dealer or a locksmith.

Where can you get another key made for my 1996 olds 88?

Any good locksmith (not at the hardware stores) can make keys for virtually any make of car.

How do you replace lost car keys?

Locksmith, or dealer.