Can hot wheels RC go on carpet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It depends on which hot wheels car that you have.

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Q: Can hot wheels RC go on carpet?
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Where can you find rare hot wheels?

It depends on how much you would like to spend on them but I go to the Fleamarket.Ebay and Hot Wheels conventions are also good places to find rare Hot Wheels cars.

When does the hot wheels master set go for sale?

21 decmeber 2012

How fast is a hot wheels car?

Generally, on an average 60-foot track downhill, you can get a Hot Wheels car (if it is heavy enough) to about 15 or 16 mph. The cars can go up to about 67 mph before the wheels disintegrate (as proven by Mythbusters).

Hot Wheel Collectables?

Hot wheels are highly collectible. There are plenty of books that can be found online that can tell you all about the values of various hot wheel cars. Tomart's Price Guide to Hot Wheels Collectibles is one of those books and go for around $32.00.

Where can I buy hot wheels cars online?

One can purchase Hot Wheels cars from many online stores. While websites like Amazon and eBay have more recent or rare models, the official Hot Wheels website has the most Hot Wheels cars available for purchase.

How did hot wheels get its name?

Probably because it's supposed to go fast and make sparks :l

How much is a 2001 hot wheels go kart worth?

The same amount that someone is willing to pay fot it.

How do you make a gas RC car to go in water without destrioying it?

Go fast and don't stop and DONT let it get submerged. Also you shouldn't put any RC car in water that is deeper then the height of the wheels or the clearance of the chassis to be safe.

How much is a 1970 gold with flames sweet sixteen hot wheels car worth?

The value to almost any Hot Wheel can be found on e-bay, and they will have the cheapest prices so you will know the bottom dollar. Just go to e-bay type in Hot Wheels then the type of

What type of wheels go fastest for short distances?

Huge wheels, small wheels go the far. Big Wheels go smaller distances

What cleaning products can one use to shampoo a green carpet?

Some cleaning products you can use to shampoo a green carpet include Hot Water Steam Cleaning, Stomp 'n Go and Oxy Carpet stain remover. You can purchase these items online from the Amazon website.

Where is the hidden key in Turbine Sands?

Go to: if you are talking about Hot Wheels Velocity X