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The distributor cap of an ignition system is one possible cause of many for misfires. Other possible sources to investigate are the distributors cap and gears. The flow chart of diagnosing misfires also include the coil, capacitor (if applicable), ignition wires and the spark plugs.

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Q: Can distributor cause misfires
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What would cause multiple misfires on a 1999 Honda CR-V 4 cylinder?

POSSIBILITIES: Faulty spark plug - faulty ignition wire - distributor rotor needs replacing - distributor needs replacing. The most common cause of multiple misfires on the B20 / P75 engine used in the 1999 CRV is valve recession. this is a well documented problem on these engines. Repair usually requires replacement of the head.

What are the signs of a bad distributor cap for a dodge durango?

Misfires, hard start, no start, more often when wet.

What is wrong if you replaced a bad distributor on a 1994 Mazda MX6 and then months later the same problem happened again with the check engine light on and it misfires and dies after a few minutes?

Sounds like in your attempts to change the distributor, you altered the timing. that would explain misfires and car idleing to stop.

Dodge Dakota misfires under acceleration?

If a Dodge Dakota misfires under acceleration, the problem is either the spark plugs, the coil, or the distributor. It could also be a problem with the fuel pump, fuel filter, or the carburetor.

You got a code saying cylinder 2 misfires what could it be?

Plugs, wires, coil, distributor, injector, internal engine....

What are the symptoms of a distributor that has been installed incorrectly?

All symptoms of bad timing; stalling on sudden wide open throttle, running rich or lean, misfires, especially continuous misfires on the same cylinder, or just simply not running.

What would cause gas to come out of your exhaust?

incorrect engine timing so that it misfires

What would cause Smith and Wesson 66-1 misfires?

Mechanical issue, ammunition issue.

Can catalytic converter cause multiple misfires?

No, but bad spark plugs or plug wires sure can.

1999 ford contour se misfires and the cause?

You have bad spark plugs and or cap and rotor

What is cause of 2000 Avalon with 85k miles to have codes p300 misfires p301 1 cylinder misfire p306 6 cylinder misfires after changing sparkplugs?

Cross-threaded spark plug.

Will a loose timing chain cause misfires?

If it is loose it can jump time which will cause poor performance. If it is loose it needs to be repaired immediately.

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