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Yes any company or individual can donate a car and use it as a tax write off. there are many charities requesting vehicle donation and it is a great way to give back to the community.

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Q: Can car dealerships donate a car and use it as a tax write off?
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What are the tax benefits of charitable car donations?

You can write off the full value of the car that you donate to charity. You should receive a sort of tax receipt from the organization you donate to, and this can be sent to the IRS with your taxes as a write-off.

What chariities are there where I can write off my used car as a tax donation?

If you donate a car to the Rawhide Boys Ranch it is tax deductible.

If I make a car donation, could that be considered a tax write off?

Yes. Just ask for a receipt when you donate the car.

Can I donate junk cars as a tax writeoff?

Yes, there is a couple new options for donating your car for a tax writeoff. For example, you can donate your car to the veterans and they will even come and pick it up from you and you get to write it off.

Where can the best tax deductions be found?

The best tax deductions are anything donated to charities. If you donate clothing to goodwill you can get a tax write off for it. If you donate to a charity you can also get a write off.

How much money from junk car donations can I write off on my taxes?

The first thing you need to know is what price the person or the charity you donate the car sale it for. When you know the price you can write it off on you taxes. But if they don't sale the car you should evaluate the Market Value because IRS will evaluate it by Market value.

Why would you donate your car?

Donating your car is mostly seen as a generous gesture to help those less fortunate. You may also, in some states, be able to write it off as a tax deduction.

Where can one donate a car for a tax write off?

A number of charities will now accept cars and provide the donor with a tax write off. Kars 4 Kids, Cars for Breast Cancer, and Make-A-Wish all accept donations of cars.

Why do people donate to political campaigns?

People donate to political campaigns because they like the person. Some of them may donate because they want to get a tax write off.

Are there any car dealerships that will pay off a small lien and sell you a newer car?

Every new car dealer does this on a daily bases.

Where is the best place to make a car donation?

Most local churches will allow you to donate your car and it is also possible to donate a car to be raffled off with the proceeds going to child cancer patients.

Can a parent gift a car to a child and write it off?

They can gift a car, but they can't write it off.