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It depends on how the contract was written. It also depends on the laws of the state and the condition of the car when it was purchased.

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Q: Can car dealership keep your down payment after returning the car?
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Can a car dealership cash your check that was used for down payment if you were never approved for financing?

A check given to the dealership will be cashed. This is normal in business. Whether they can keep the money or have to return it is based on what your purchase agreement reads. Where I live if the purchase agreement has "Subject to financing" on it the down payment must be returned if the dealer can not get you financing and you can't get outside financing. If it does not have that in it they get to keep the money.

Can you return your car to dealership in Illinois?

i purchased a new vehicle last night and have now discovered that i can't financially afford to keep it, but would like to trade down with the same dealership. what's the possibility of returning the vehicle in Illinois without suffering consequences?

you keep returning my payments..then charging me late fees?

If the payment is received after the due date, late fees can be charged.

What percentage of car buyers buy at the first dealership?

It is pretty high. That is why all sales people in any store or lot learn to keep you on the lot. They know if you leave the probability of you returning is pretty low so they try all sorts of tricks to keep you "on the lot".

How do you trade in a car that's paid off?

Tell the dealership that you want A car with NO DOWN PAYMENT, And, YOU ARE NOT TRADING YOUR OLD CAR. Get your best deal. Keep that number handy. Then tell them that you are concidering trading your old car. Get them to give you A "REAL TRADE IN QUOTE" This means you want them to tell you exactly what they will buy your car for. All you need to do to trade it in is have the title with you. Also, Make sure the numbers match, There is nothing that the dealership will add that you have to pay. Don't fall for gimmicks.

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Can a dealership keep your car if they cannot approve financing?

They cannot keep the car you were attempting to trade. They can and will take back the car that they were trying to get you financed on. They would be in possesion of a contract for the sale of a vehicle for a certain amount. If that amount cannot be collected from you in cash or a bank in the form of a loan, then you are in default of payment.

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Can a dealership take a car back after 41 days. i used my tax refund as a down payment but the money has been held for back student loans.?

You don't think you can keep the car without paying for it, do you? Not only will they take the car back, but they will then sell the used car at auction and hold you responsible for the difference between what you agreed to pay and the amount they sell the car for. You are in over your head in debt. You are delinquent on your student loans. You shouldn't be borrowing any more money for cars or anything else until you get your finances in order.

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