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Q: Can an unmarked police car sitting on a major highway at night issue a speeding ticket?
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what- One eventuality of the new police officers patrolling the highway was an increase in the number of speeding tickets issued?


Does a police officer have to be wearing hi viz when on a covert operation stopping people for speeding?

No, they do not. All they require is suitable identification as a police officer. They will usually wear their uniform, however, and merely use unmarked/mufti cars.

How do you know a marked police car from an unmarked police car?

A marked police car has all the stickers such as Police, Dial 911 ect. and an unmarked car is as it says it has none of those decals to indicate it's a police car.

Can a police officer own a Unmarked Police Vehicle even though he is a uniformed officer?

The police officer does not own the police car, the jurisdiction he works for owns it, and yes a uniformed officer can drive an unmarked vehicle.

Is there a cheat code for unmarked police cars?


Can a unmarked police car pull you over?


Can a California police officer hide?

Yes, a California police officer can hide and has no obligation to identify himself depending on the situation. They often use this trick to catch people speeding on the highway.

Can anyone charge a police officer with speeding?

Yes. Another police officer can charge them for speeding.

What is sentence for speeding?

Speeding will result in a fine, if the police catch you.

Does a unmarked police car have to pull you over to give you a ticket?


What does the 'marked' box mean on a speeding ticket in IL?

I believe it refers to the officer's squad car. Stating that the car he/she pulled you over in was a marked car. Making it obvious that it was a police officer. Unlike an unmarked police car that would probably be driven by an undercover or plain clothes officer.

When was Arkansas Highway Police created?

Arkansas Highway Police was created in 1929.

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