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Acrylic paints work great on model cars. When using an airbrush, the paints can often be thinned with rubbing alcohol. Brushes can also be used, especially for small details.

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Q: Can acrylic paints be used to paint model cars?
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What does the company Tamiya Cars sell?

The company Tamiya Cars sells radio controlled cars, solar powered as well as battery controlled educational construction kits, enamel and acrylic model paints, sailboat models and plastic model kits.

What is the best black car wax?

The best thing for all acrylic paint is to never put wax on it.Wax actually covers and dulls the factory mirror like shine.Today's acrylic paints benefit from acrylic paint conditioners.Acrylic paints have a unique shine on them. It is one that cannot be copied by aftermarket methods. Wax will dull it and Polish will destroy it.Look closely at the paint on a car that has been waxed and you will see spider webs and uneven swirl marks.This happens with the application of solid wax on acrylic paint.Look at the paint on a new car and you won't see any of these defects.conditioning the surface to preserve the factory shine is what acrylic paint conditioners do for the paint. Instead of covering and dulling they enhance the natural beauty and shine of the paint itself.The best treatment for a black car as well as any other color of automotive acrylic paint in my opinion is a spray on, non abrasive, 100% pure liquid Acrylic paint conditioner.It will protect and preserve the mirror like shine in new cars and bring it back in older cars

Do you sand between acrylic paint coats for cars?

no you do not sand when using acrylic, nor should you have to clearcoat.

Can you use Motip spray paints for plastic model cars?


How cars paint damage?

by not taking care of it......and acid rain is one of the agents to destroy car paints. thank you...........

What is the main disadvantage of a cheap paint job for your car as opposed to an expensive one?

The disadvantage for a cheap paint job for a car is that the paint does not last, because cheap paint for cars can wear off. As for expensive paints, you don't have to worry about the paint wearing off.

Where can I get car paint in CT or any where for that matter?

Sherwin Williams has a wide range of paints from house projects to cars. Good luck and think Safe ----

What kind of paint should be used to paint plastic model cars?

With proper preparation, just about any kind of paint can be used on plastic models. A first coat of primer will usually make the color coats turn out better. While there are paints made specifically for models, I find that pa.ints like Krylon and Color Place work just as well

How do you make a scratch in bike invisible?

Try to find a matching paint to fill the scratch with. Nail polish is available in all colors and perfectly good enough for small touch up jobs. You can also try a hobby store that carry enamel paints for model builders, they too have a wide variety. 3rd option is touch up paint for cars.

Is glidden paint as good as sherwin Williams paint?

It's a matter of personal preference. What works great for one person isn't always how it is going to work for another. That's why there are so many different brands. Same is true for cars ... impossible to compare by brand names.

How do you name a person who paints cars?

A Car Painter

Where can you get the blueprints to make a scale model of ferrari enzo?

ferarri doesnt release blueprints of their cars if you want a scalemodel, buy a model get and glue nad paint it