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if it is impounded

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Q: Can a tow company keep your personal property?
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The car is totaled and being signed over to the tow company can you remove personal property from a towed car for instance a CD player?

The key word is personal property. If it was fctory installed you may have to make a deal.

Can you get personal property that was left in the car?

Yes you can get Which is not a part of the car and your personal property than you will definitely get.

You had your totaled car impounded after an accident in Arkansas you just want to get your paper work birthcertificate personal stuff out of it and the tow company says you must pay them 200.00 to do?

No, you are allowed to remove your personal possessions from the vehicle, and you don't have to pay the tow company to do it. If they put up a fuss, just call the police and ask them to stand by while you get your property out.

Is it legal for a tow company to hold your personal property inside the vehicle if you do not pay for the tow bill?

usually yes; if it is life threating, or under extreme conditions, of thethreat of somebody breaking in and taking Exteremely valuable items.Its easier to pay the bill

If you have 10 days to settle with the bank can the tow company brake into your car and take personal items before that time is up because it has been 2 days and they did?

Sign a complaint with the police against the tow company and it's owners. They took your vehicle and depending on the state you can sue them for negligence in protecting your property.

How long does a tow company have to keep your car before selling it?

30 days!

When a car gets repossessed can they keep the personal property that was in the car?

If you take your personal property before the vehicle is picked up, you can keep it. If you voluntarily turn in the vehicle you get to keep anything you want. If they have to hunt it down and tow it off, you're just out of luck. They'll throw away anything that was in it and if someone picks it up, it's theirs.This is not true.. The creditor must account for all personal belongings found in a repossessed car.. The below answer came from the following site..."What happens to personal property left in my car?Personal property does not apply to improvements made to the car, such as a CD Player, stereo or luggage rack. It only applies to items not connected to the vehicle. The creditor or whoever repossessed the car CANNOT keep or sell any personal property found inside. If the creditor or whoever repossessed the car cannot account for personal property left in the vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation and should consult with an attorney"

Can a towing company keep personal belongings that are in a vehicle that has been towed?

If you car was towed for a good and legal reason, then the company has the right to charge you money for the recovery of the vehicle - costs of towing and storage fees, usually. What they do with your personal belongings is usually let someone pick them up. In some cases, they may feel that they have the right to hold them, as "security" for your payment to them. (In cases of a repossession, they should give the personal items back, as the finance company is paying their fee, and has no desire for your stuff.) In theory, if you disagree with that, you could sue. But usually the cost of suit would exceed the value of most personal property in a car, and frankly, the tow company could as easily throw your stuff out and claim ignorance. By all means, consult a local attorney. Always a good idea. But it might - in this case - be even better to just settle with the tow company, or plea in such a fashion that they take pity on you.

How long must a tow company keep personal belongings that were left in an impounded car after the lien sale date and how may they dispose of them?

In MOST states, 60 days. Dispose?? Usually have to pay the waste company to cart it off. PP in the repo or wrecker biz is NOT a get rich quick deal.

Can you have a neighbors car towed for parking on your property in Oregon?

If it's on your property, why don't you be a good neighbor and try to keep the peace in your neighborhood and just ask them to move it. If they don't then call a tow truck.

How do you flat tow a Toyota Camry?

Call your nearest tow company.

How can i find a car if it was impounded and don't know the towing company? was impounded by the city or state for moving / non-moving violations. try calling the local PD. The tow could have been ordered by a bank/finance company if the loan payments are in arrears. The tow might have been ordered by a property owner if you park on their property without permission. Towing companies are obliged to inform the local police that they have towed or will tow a vehicle. Otherwise it looks like they are stealing the vehicle.