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Q: Can a rich air fuel mixture cause engine blow by?
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What would cause engine oil and diesel fuel to blow out the exhaust stacks on a pre-emissions 12.7L DDEC 5 engine?

If they mix with the wrong things, it can blow out.

What can cause a bad catalytic converter?

Fuel/air mixture too rich, engine misfire, or damage.

What cause engine to not accelerate while driving?

Fuel pump going out throttle body needs replaced air fuel mixture not set right.

What can cause significant reduction in fuel economy in a 2002 Chevy Malibu?

a bad fuel pressure regulator can cause raw fuel to be sucked into engine thru a vacuum hose,also a bad map sensor will cause improper fuel mixture, a bad spark plug coil or wire causes a miss-fire in a cylinder will kill mpg, clogged air filter, engine vacuum leak.if tune up is way overdue do it complete and then go from there. have it checked. a overly rich mixture of fuel will wreck a engine and dilute your oil fuel is not cheap

What is the fuel mixture for a 250cc 2 stroke engine?

what is the fuel and oil mixture for a kx 250, 2 stroke

Which component is an engine-driven air pump that forces air-fuel mixture into the engine?

fuel pump

What would cause sputtering on an engine?

Needs a full service Fuel pump/filter Incorrect fuel ECU (brain) AFM/MFA (air fuel mixture meter) Split air/fuel hoses

Can lacquer thinner be used in a car engine if it is mixed with gasoline?

no it will blow upMy VersionLacquer thinner will damage: Fuel linesFuel PumpInjectorsAnd cause major damage to the inside of the engine

How does a choke work?

By cutting off part of the supply of air. This will cause the fuel/air mixture to be very rich. A cold engine needs a much richer mix than a warm engine. Once the engine warms up the choke opens up and the fuel/air mixture is restored to the optimum mix.

What can cause blue smoke from the BMW engine?

likely cause is unburnt excess fuel. now need to look for the cause why the fuel is not being ignited or not ignited properly or why the fuel air mixture is so rich. could be a bad spark plug, wires, coil, bad fuel injector. etc.

What is the fuel mixture for Briggs and stratton petrol mower?

There is not really a set fuel air mixture. Each engine will be different even if they are the same engine during the build process they are set specifically to the engine.

What is the device that ignites the fuel mixture in an engine?

spark plug