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Yes, the clutch circuit must be bypassed so that when it is remote started the car thinks the clutch is depressed. Also there should be a neutral safety wire hooked up to the e-brake so the e-brake must be up in order for the remote start to initialize

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Q: Can a remote start alarm be installed on a manual car?
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How much is a push to start remote to a Honda Passport?

in nj parts and labor for a good system with alarm/remote start about 295.00 installed

Do anyone have a Viper 160 xv installation manual?

YES! I have one. Its just the remote start manual correct, cuz the 560xv is the remote start and alarm model.

Can you put a remote start alarm on your 1999 Volvo S80 And if so what brands can you use?

Any car can have remote start, some cars you may want a dealer or an authorized mechanic to handle. I don't however think you can have a remote start system on a manual vehicle.

Why would my alarm and remote not work on my Ford Explorer?

Start by replacing the battery in the remote.

1999 Infiniti G20 horn went off we disconnected the horn now the car won't start there is no manual or alarm remote?

Reconnect your horn and turn your key to unlock the door this will disable your alarm.

Can a remote start from a Viper alarm system be installed on a 1985 Chevy Caprice?

the answer is unfortunatly no since 85 caprices were carborated you cant use remote starters. since you have to manualy set the choke it wont start until you step on the gas and all that nonsense

What is name of Factory installed remote start is on 1998 Chrysler intrepid?

Chrysler didn't have factory installed remote starts in 1998. Factory installed remote starts came in the 2007 years. It was likely installed at a dealer when the car was bought.

How can you disable the anti-theft device momentary to start a jeep liberty 2005 with a remote starter?

You need a remote start system that works with the alarm/smart key system. You can not just unhook the alarm.

New battery installed in vw new beetle now it won't start and horn honks for 1 min. what do I do?

Your alarm needs to be reset. Look in the manual for instructions. The alarm was probably arms when you changed the battery an now the alarm computer is thinking that it is being triggered by the ignition.

How do you use 1999 jeep factory installed remote starter?

Remote start was not available on a 1999 Jeep.

Where can I purchase a remote start for my car alarm?

A remote start for a car alarm can be purchased on Amazon, Best Buy, Viper, Crutchfield, Clifford, ElectronicExpress, PythonCarSecurity, and more. It can also be purchased at any electronics or car security store.

Lost your key Hyundai elantra 2004 how do you disable theft deterrent system?

If you armed your car and lost remote but just want to use spare key to start it. unlock door alarm will sound. get inside close door. wait until alarm shuts off. after about 10- 15 seconds. start car. If car does not start wait for alarm to cycle. then try to start again. Once started your alarm will never bother you unless you use remote to arm it. I have been without remote for 2 years and no alarm problems.