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geeze don't be stupid

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Q: Can a person with very good credit be affected by a person with bad credit on a car loan?
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What is co signing?

A person with good credit and an ability to pay signing on a loan for another person and guaranteeing the loan.

Will a cosigner's credit be affected if they cosign for someone who has a bad credit score because of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

The cosigner's credit will only be affected if the person that they cosign for defaults on the loan. The bankruptcy will not affect the cosigners credit.

If you have bad credit but your fiance has good credit how will you be affected when applying for a mortgage loan?

Yes, if both people apply for a joint loan, both credit reports will be used to determine the elgibility of the borrowers.

Who's credit is affected if a cosigner is bankrupt and the loan is defaulted?

Both parties on the loan. Co-signer and other person they co-signed for

If someone with great credit co signs for some with bad credit does it help the person with bad credit?

The person with bad credit pays back the loan that the good credit helped him with in good payment statis. Have payment met on time or a little early will help the person with bad credit. The person with good credit is very generous with his credit. If the bad credit person does not pay on time or falters the loan. the Good credit person will have a problem . Not the bad credit person. Helping someone get back on their feet is a good thing. Make sure that your Good credit is not in jepordy.

Is it possibleto get an auto loan with a 547 credit score?

It is unlikely that a bank would give a person a loan who has a credit score of 547. A good credit score for a loan would be between 700-800.

Can i sue the ex for using my credit to refinance her mortgage?

The note and mortgage must be signed by the owner of the property. The lender checks the credit record of the person who signs the loan application. If you didn't sign the loan application then you are not responsible for paying the loan and your credit isn't affected.

Do they factor in the spouse's debt for a home loan if you are the only person on the loan with the highest income and credit score?

Your loan will not be affected by your spouses debt as long as you are not associated with her accounts thru those companies.

Can a person with no credit get a loan for a house?


How can you get a cash loan quickly?

No, the bank or Loan Co. has to do a credit check and place of employment which could take up to a week or so, if the credit check is not in good standing, or if the person is unemployed then of course no loan

Can a blind person get a special designated driver in order to get car loan approval?

a blind person with good credit has a more chance than a person who can see with bad credit maybe it's the credit of the person

A loan extended to a person by a lender is called?

A loan extended to a person is called credit.

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