Can a muscle car destroy a import?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A muscle car is made out of tin and steel. A import is made out of plastic,rubber,and fiberglass. An import would dent a muscle car,but a muscle car will disable an import. So yes,on impact.

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Q: Can a muscle car destroy a import?
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How to restore a muscle car in Pakistan?

Fabricate metal to meet your needs or import parts

What are the release dates for Bid and Destroy - 2012 Muscle Car Mansion 1-7?

Bid and Destroy - 2012 Muscle Car Mansion 1-7 was released on: USA: 31 October 2012 Netherlands: 21 February 2013

Muscle car power vs compact car power?

The fact is that most muscle cars have big V8 engines that are built for raw power but the one problem is that muscle cars are heavy which import cars are not but the V8 can make up for it with most going over 400+ HP and there are not that many import cars that can match that, in the end pure power wins the race.

Is a muscle car faster than an import?

Muscle cars are "usually" designed mainly/historically for straight-line performance... and in that respect they are faster than 99% of imports of the same year that are of similar price. More than often, you have to choose an Import that is MUCH more expensive... to beat a Muscle car in a straight-line acceleration. No import in the 60's could come close to "Muscle cars" of the era. Historically Muscle cars aren't best on a road course...but that isn't true "for the most part" nowadays.

How can you import a car to Pakistan?

Yes you can import car in Pakistan but it is a very expensive procedure

What is the speed of a import car?

Depends on the car. Being an import in itself does not indicate the performance specifications.

What import car is the fastest?

dounut car

Is a Japanese car is a kind of export or import?

if an American consumer buys a car from Japan then it is a type of import

What company offers car import insurance?

Car import insurance is available from a variety of companies. Some places that offer car import insurance include State Farm, Progressive, and USAA.

What is the difference between a muscle and an import car?

muscle cars are very very powerful American ford mustang, Chevy chevelle, Chevy camaro, dodge charger, dodge challenger, etc.. import cars are mostly cars like mini, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Volvo, lamborghini, ferrari, pagani etc..

What are the release dates for Hot Import Nights - 2008 Modern Muscle - 1.4?

Hot Import Nights - 2008 Modern Muscle - 1.4 was released on: USA: 2 December 2008

Which providers specialize in import car insurance?

The providers that specialize in import car insurance are usually the Asian countries that have many visitors from the west. For example Japan has many providers for import car insurance.