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Yes, a minor can own a vehicle in the state of Pennsylvania. "Pennsylvania law does not dictate a minimum or maximum age for owning/registering a vehicle. However, you should check with your insurance company to see if they have any restrictions regarding an owner's age."

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Q: Can a minor own a vehicle in the state of Pennsylvania?
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Can a minor own a vehicle in the state of Wisconsin?

A minor can own a vehicle in the state of Wisconsin, but under certain circumstances. The minor parents or guardian must sign a statement that consent the minor to purchase the motor vehicle and is ok with the purchase.

Can a minor own a vehicle in the state of Oklahoma?

One must be the legal age of majority to register a vehicle.

Can a minor buy a car buy themselves?

A minor can purchase a vehicle on their own. They may not be able to register it under their name depending on the state laws.

Can a minor get his own auto insurance in Connecticut?

No. A minor is a person who is not of legal age to sign a contract and an insurance policy is a legal contract. A minor may or may not have the ability, depending on state laws and regulations to own a vehicle.

Does Pennsylvania belong to ct?

no, it is its own state.

In state of Ohio can a minor child sue own parent?

No, a minor can not sue their own parent in the state of Iowa. A child can file for emancipation from a parent in the state.

When performing minor vehicle maintenance on your own?

Reference your owners manual

Can a minor in Texas own a vehicle?

yes but he?she cant drive it unless he has a permission

How can you sign over a vehicle to a non-licensed minor?

It doesn't matter if he's unlicensed or not, unlicensed persons can own motor vehicles. The question is, can a minor "own" property in your state? In most states minors cannot legally hold property in their own name, if they appear on the title to anything it must be as a co-owner with an adult.

Is it illegal to own a sawed off shot gun in the state of Pennsylvania?

yes it is illegal to own a sawed off shot gun in far as i know its illegal in every state of the US

How much does a registration fee cost for a 16-year-old with his or her own car?

The cost of vehicle registration would depend on the state you were trying to register it in, which you failed to mention... However, If you are a minor(aka under 18 years of age) you may not be able to legally OWN the vehicle without having an adult on the title as well.

Can a home be quit claim deeded to a minor in the state of Michigan?

No. The home could be quit claimed to a trust for the benefit of the minor, but a minor cannot own property.