Can a minivan pull a trailer?

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yes, but it also depends with torque and so on.

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Q: Can a minivan pull a trailer?
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Why can't you pull a trailer?

I can't pull a trailer because I do not have a trailer hitch on the back of my car.

Will it pull 5500 trailer?

Sure! Oh wait, will what pull a trailer?

Will your 2002 Xterra pull your 4300 pound travel trailer?

I have a 2003 xterra 4 x 4 and I pull a 4,300 coachman travel trailer with it. It will pull the trailer provided that you have a weight equalizing hitch and trailer brakes. You have to pull the trailer with the automatic transmission out of over drive.

Anyone know the weight of 1979 Beachcraft 18'2 boat or the weight of a boat around 1979 that's about 18 feet and could I pull with a Minivan?

I have a Beachcraft similar, it is 19 ft, it weights about 3300lbs with the trailer.

What do you use the tractor for?

To pull the trailer.

How old does a driver have to be to pull a horse trailer in Maryland?

You can pull a horse trailer as soon as u get your drivers license, in maryland

Can you pull a trailer with a learners permit?

Yes, state police in every state do allow you to pull a trailer less then 35 feet.

What is the first thing you should do after retrieving a boat onto a trailer?

Pull The trailer away from the boat ramp.

What does a tractor pull starting which t?


What truck equipment do I need to pull a horse trailer?

You'll need a truck that's heavy enough to pull the trailer, equipped with a trailer ball hitch to attach the trailer. You also need to make sure the horse trailer has operating turn signal and brake lights.

Can you pull a trailer behind a trailer on pa turnpikes?

Yes you can. You can pull doubles and triples. You can pull two 48 trailers and two 53 foot trailers. You can pull three 48s, but you cannot pull three 53 foot trailers.

I have a F-350 and I have to pull a 48 ft trailer behind it and the trailer is stuck in mud and I cant figure out how to get it out any suggestions?

shove boards under the front of each trailer tire. as you pull the trailer will ride up on the boards and you can pull it out. if the tires are sunk in dig out some of the mud in front of the tires then get the boards in there.

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