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Q: Can a loose coolant cap cause a blown head gasket?
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Would a blown head gasket cause loss of compression?

It is possible but it depends on where the crack is. If the crack is from the combustion chamber out, such as through a coolant passage it can also suck in coolant/antifreeze and loose compression.

What would cause f350 6.9 diesel to lose power and have white smoke come out of tailpipe?

blown head gasket,it causes the coolant and gas get mixed in cylinder,that cause the white smokeyou also loose compression which in return you loose power

Your 2000 S-10 is overheating . Could a blown intake gasket cause this problem?

I don't think a blown intake gasket would cause it to overheat, Most causes of overheating are: thermostat stuck in closed position; faulty water pump; broken fan blades; loose belt; clogged radiator; radiator cap not holding pressure; blown head gasket; low or no coolant; leaking hoses.

What could cause a 1998 ford contour to loose water and smoke under the hood?

You have a blown head gasket

Do you have a blown head gasket if there white smoke coming from your tailpipe and elevated temp and the engine sputters in low gears?

thats quite psoosible , if the sputtering is at low speeds when the engin e is cold . A sure sign that you have a blown head gasket is when you loose coolant with no external signs of collant loss , you have coolant in the engine oil or vice versa . Any of those conditions warrant further investigation to determine the cause . usually a compression test and coolant leak test will show when you have a blown head gasket . elevated engine temp is also another common sign of a blown head gasket , get it checked out and repaired asap as you can quickly destroy an engine with a bad head gasket depending on how bad it is and how much coolant/lubricant are beign lost or mixed together.

What would make you car loose water?

Assuming you mean coolant, coolant loss could be as simple as a loose hose clamp or as bad as blown head gasket or worse, a cracked head. Have a trusted mechanic pressure test the cooling system to help diagnose the problem.

Why are you losing all coolant and belt screaming on 94 Saturn?

You may be loosing coolant from the filter not being on right, a bad gasket around the valve body cover, a broken or loose transmission cooler hose, or a blown differential pin.

What could cause my 2002 Ford Focus to lose compression?

Blown head gasket, burnt or bent valve, spark plug loose, busted piston, worn or broken rings,

What causes a diesel engine to loose water in radiator smells like antifreeze but couldn't find a leak?

Maybe a head gasket leak they're hard to see and can cause coolant leakge and you might smell the coolant in the car

What is wrong with my car?

It could have a blown gasket which causes that smell. And there could be something loose in the interior of the air conditioner.

How did Water get above piston at spark plug?

blown head gasket OR if in only one cylinder then maybe the plug was loose?

What causes a car to over heat and the heater to blow cold air?

broken thermostat would cause this. depending on how much the car has overheated, and how often, you may need a new engine block/head/gasket, due to the irregular heat cycles of this engine. if the heads or the block are warped bad enough, you can check your engine oil. if it looks like chocolate milk, or has a watery film mixed with the oil, you have a blown head gasket or a warped cylinder head. this will cause major problems with your engine, requiring it to be rebuilt or replaced completly. also, check your coolant level. if the coolant is low, you will have problems opening the thermostat. the only way you should be loosing coolant is if you have a leak somewhere... this leak can be caused by a loose hose connection, a blown head gasket, a warped engine block, a wapred cylinder head, or a couple other problems. no matter what, check your oil for coolant.