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Q: Can a general contractor also be a specialty contractor?
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What is the difference between contractors and general contractor?

a general contractor is who is license with a general building license (b) and is permitted to take jobs in whole a contractor or specialty contractor are the contractor that specialized in one trade only and are permitted to take only special trades on the job for example an electrical contractor can only take electrical job

What contractures in California can do outdoor kitchen construction?

Any contractor who is a licensed contractor with the right type of license should be able to handle this for you. A general contractor would be my first choice, but a specialty contractor that has a limit high enough to accommodate the job's pricing would also be a great choice.

Is an architect responsible for the quality of building work?

The quality of the "building work" or of the quality of the construction falls on the contractor for the project. The contractor might be the "project manager" (a general contractor) who hires all the other work done and insures all the contractors do their parts per the architectural requirements and the building codes. On smaller projects, the contractor might do all of the work himself. Or most of it, hiring out the rest and overseeing it. Large projects include engineers of all "flavors" who are supplied by the general contractor and also the subcontractors in the various specialty areas. But someone has to have the point and make the final decisions regarding the work and its quality, and the general or prime contractor has that task.

Can a roof be fixed by a general contractor?

If he can't he shouldn't be a general contractor

How do you Fire a general contractor from a condo?

Read the contract signed with the general contractor and follow the guidelines written there. You may also need the guidance and advice of the association's attorney.

How does a sub contractor in Nevada get paid by general contractor?

If the general contractor refuses to pay, you must sue the contractor for payment. You may also sue his bonding company, if he has one. If your dispute exceeds small claims, see a real estate attorney right away.

Is a person a subcontractor if the general contractor makes the price?

Anyone who does work for a general contractor and is not a direct employee of that contractor is a sub-contractor. Regardless of who sets the price. The subcontractors work within the contract set between the general contractor and homeowner. Hence sub-contractor.

How much is the application fee for a general contractor license in Texas ?

Technically speaking, Texas does not have a general contractor license. If you are performing "specialty" work such as electrical or HVAC contracting (among others) you will need a license but otherwise, there no issue. Cities and counties, though, do have the right to require licenses. There are several types of contracting licenses, for a general contractor you will probably need all of them. For instance in Texas, the license fee for plumbers is $155, an electrician is $50, etc.

What can a general contractor license be used for?

A general contractor license can be used to start your own contracting company and build clientele. You can also become a member of an already existing contracting company.

Who was the contractor that built the metrodome?

General Contractor Lic.

Why would a subcontractor get a general contractor license?

So they can work as a general contractor and not have to work for someone else.

What is an insured contractor?

An insured contractor is a contractor who carries a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy.