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yes it will make bring unmetered oxygen in and the o2 sensors will pick it up and it will run lean



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2010-02-12 23:08:50
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Q: Can a cracked intake cause your car to run hot?
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Can less intake of water cause hot urine?


Will a cracked maifold make a 2001 kia sportage engine run hot?

if it is the intake manifold YES, exhaust manifold NO.

Water in the oil of a Chevy 350 marine engine means what?

intake manifold gasket,head gasket,cracked head,cracked block. was it overheated? was cold water added to hot engine?

Why does your 2001 cadillac deville die when it comes to a stop?

My 01 deville had a cracked intake boot, between the throttle body and intake manifold, it would only leak when eng was hot.

Can a crackedhead make a car run hot?

Depending where it is cracked, yes. A cracked head can also simulate an overheated engine by pushing coolant out of the coolant reservoir.

Why do car run hot and white smoke from exhaust?

This can be caused by a cracked head or blown head gasket.

Car not hot but boiling over on 98' ford taurus. I have replaced the canistor which was cracked and t-stat what else can I do?

Check for a cracked head or damaged head gasket. If the engine overheated at all when the reservoir was damaged, it could cause serious damage to the engine. A damaged head gasket or cracked head could cause the coolant to blow out of the cooling system even when the engine isn't very warm.

Car bubbles hot gauge goes up to hot but is full of water?

You could have a bad thermostat, a blown head gasket, a cracked head.

If your car made a super loud sound when you added water when the engine was hot yet you then started the car and no water leaked and no water is in with the oil did you crack the block?

Cracked block, cracked head. Why would you do that?

What is meant by crack the cylinder valve?

The metal disk part of one of the valves (intake or exhaust, usually the exhaust as it is under the most stress in operation) in one of the engine's cylinders has cracked. This allows gasses from the cylinder to escape, causing that cylinder to be "weaker" than the other ones, increasing engine vibration. If the crack is in an exhaust valve (as it usually is), unburned hydrocarbons in the escaping gas will cause the car to fail emissions testing. If the crack is in an intake valve, very hot escaping gas can cause a type of "backfire" in the engine's air intake system.

What if your reservior cap is severly cracked fluid is coming out and your car is running hot will the cracked cap make the car run hot?

well, if by fluid u mean coolant than yes. If coolant is leaking, there wont be anything to cool the engine temperature. Replace the cap, there very cheap.

Can a EGR Valve cause your car to get hot?


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