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Yes, it it possible.

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Q: Can a collision cause a bubble in a car tire?
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Will car shimmie with air bubble in tire?

It can be a cause.

What is collision in car insurance?

Collision is a slang term for coverage on your car if you cause the accident.

How an Inexperience driver cause a collision?

They could swerve into somebody's car and cause a collision

What might cause a car collision?

Speed. Texting.

When do you need tire alignment?

every time you get new tires and when you hit a really hard pothole, when your car starts pulling, or if your in a collision.

When can you tell when a tire is bad cause the car shacks real bad wow driving?

yes a tire being bad can cause a car to shake but it can also be caused by other things

Would a cracked blocked cause a car to bubble antifreeze inside the over flow in a 97 Ford Taurus?

would a cracked blocked cause a car to bubble antifreeze inside the reservoir of a 97 ford taurus ?

What is a secondary collision?

When a vehicle is in a car accident there can be a secondary collision. For example, if car ÒbÓ was rear ended that is the first collision but when that car hit the car in front of them that is the secondary collision.

How can a tire fall off of a car?

if oyu sheer the lug nuts off that hold tire onto car, or if a front suspension part fails it can cause tire to come off

Why does the back tire have a thumping sound every time you accelerate?

Its a slipped belt. Or even a bubble. My car did that only when i broke the stablizer.

How do particles inside a car tire cause pressure on the tire?

they hit the walls/side of the tyre and that builds pressure

Can you drive car with tar on the tire?

It would depend on the amount of tar stuck to the tire. A little wouldn't effect much but more will cause the tire to be off balance and cause the vehicle to shake or shimmy.