Can a battery be drained by a shorted diode when the ignition key is off?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A battery cannot be drained by a shorted diode when the ignition key is off.

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Q: Can a battery be drained by a shorted diode when the ignition key is off?
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Can an alternator on a Renault Megane with a shorted diode still charge the battery?

It depends on which diode, but sometimes it can.

What if a semiconductor diode is being tested using a digital multimeter and the resistance of the diode is 10 ohms in both forward and reverse-biased conditions is the diode shorted or opened?

The diode is neither shorted nor open. It is a zener diode and it is conducting in both directions. If it were truly shorted, it would read closer to zero ohms in both directions.

Will a dead alternator drain a battery?

Yes. If the alternator is dead and you drive the vehicle, all the power is coming from the battery and it will eventually drain completely. Also, if a diode is shorted inside the alternator, that can drain a battery.

Does a diode works when the ignition key is off?

No a diode will not work when the ignition key is off.

How does a diode shorted?

due to high voltage across the diode ie more than piv of the diode or current flows more than maximum allowed range of diode.

What maybe the reason for battery drain when stationary on Renault Megane 1.6 V 2004?

There are 3 possibilities: either the battery is going bad, a device is being left on in the car (lights, etc) or an alternator diode is shorted.

1984 Lincoln Town car short in wiring that drains battery?

If Your Battery Is being drained Dont Just Assume It is A Short .....:) It Could be The diode In your Atlenater That Has Went bad A Diode Is Like a Water valve it Only Lets Current Flow One direction But if it goesa Bad that it Will Let The Current Drain From the battery .....:)

When a damaged diode conducts current in either direction it is called?


Opel corsa battery problems?

Check that alternator is charging battery properly and change battery to see if you still getting same issues. It can also be a leak in your car radio, burnt alternator diode, or a shorted coil in the central locking system or windows.

2006 Yukon Denali Ignition A 40 amp fuse draining battery why?

Try disconnecting the alternator, could be the diode pack

1991 Ford van 351 engine One Ton Battery going Dead?

Mine did that. Check voltage regulator. There is a small diode shorted inside. Replace regulator, about $26 from Napa.

What happens with voltage and current by damaged diode...the diode is IN5408?

It depends on how the diode is damaged. There are generally two cases. One, the diode is shorted, and conducts with a low impedance in both directions. The other, the diode is open, and does not conduct, having a high impedance, in both directions. The effect depends on the particular circuit. In a power supply, a shorted diode will often blow the fuse, while an open diode will result in no output, or in high ripple voltage output. Is it possible that diode has normal voltage output but wrong current,meaning low mA?