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No ... A bad neutral safety switch will let the car start in any gear,but will not prevent the car from going into reverse

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Q: Can a bad neutral safety swicth prevent a car from reversing?
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Where is the neutral safety swicth located on a 1998Ford E150 van?

on the drivers side on the trans.

Is it okay to purchase a neutral safety swicth from junk yard?

Yes, but remember that part is used - just like the one you are replacing. New is always better. Especially with upgrades in wiring.

Where is the neutral safety swicth located on a 2004 Chevy silverrado 4 wheel dr truck?

If you look at the drivers side of the transmission where the shifter cable hooks to it you will see an electric switch behind the cable where it hooks to the transmission. That is it.

How do you change a neutral safety swicth on a ford e350?

The neutral safety switch is located on the transmission shift lever. Its held onto the transmission case by 2 bolts in slotted holes. You will need to remove the kick down lever. The switch will slip off the shift lever with just a little pry if dirty. Replace the switch while the transmission is in neutral. There is a small hole in the side of the switch to stick a small pin or awl into to locate the neutral position of the switch. I would try to adjust the old switch before replacing it.

1996 explorer safety swicth for fuel pump?

In the right front passenger footwell , in the corner , by the kick panel

How do you test the clucht safety swicth for Honda Accord?

Park the vehicle in an area where you can go forward without hitting something. Place gearshift in 2nd gear. Do not push the clutch in and try to start the engine. If it starts and lunges forward the safety switch is defective.

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Why won't the interior lights turn off in a Dodge Intrepid?

chech at each door pin swicth and see if any one is rusted check tne interior lite swicth is bad or repace it.

Where is the brake light swicth on a 1998 Toyota tercel?

Underneath the steering column

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