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yes it can

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Q: Can a bad ignition switch cause a moving car to stall?
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Will a bad neutral safety switch cause a vehicle to stall?

NO it will not.

Can a fuel pump relay cause a car to stall after starting?

A fuel pump relay switch can cause your car to stall after starting. A malfunctioning fuel pump relay switch can cause your car to not start at all.

Will an electronic ignition module going out cause your car to stall while you are driving it?


Will a bad pcv cause a car to stall and not recrank?

This is possible, yes.You could also check the ignition coil, this will cause the same symptons.

Would water flood cause engine sensor failure?

Driving through flood water would cause the ignition to fail and stall the engine.

What are the symptoms of a faulty ignition switch on a 2004 buick regal?

My experience with a faulty ignition switch on this generation Regal include random warning lights coming on together and turning off at the same time. Eventually, the car will sometimes stall when the turn signal switch is used. This is due to the turn signal switch "bumping" the wires leading into the ignition switch. Apparently, the wire connections inside the ignition switch sometimes tend to loosen. Dealer cost runs around $350 to $400 to replace.

Can a camshaft position sensor cause car to stall?

it can, but i would check the ignition control module first....then the crank sensor.....

How do you fix stalling engine?

After replacing minor components that would cause the vehicle to stall such as the fuel filter. Advance the ignition timing a few degrees and the engine will run better and there will be no more stall.

What could cause the car to stall while driving?

"no gas" is a simpleton, borderline criminal answer to a question like this. There are many things that can cause an engine to stall with gas being just one of them. I'll start the round table.... Ignition Coil.

If a fuel pump relay is going bad in a 1997 Oldmobile Bravada will it cause the fuel pump to not turn on and the vehicle to stall?

if a fuel pump relay is bad the fuel pump will not even come on. It could cause the vehicle to stall but I would look elsewhere first. Have a mechanic check the fuel pressure. You can check the relay by applying 12 volts to the coil side of the relay and that will cause the contacts to close and you can check voltage at the contact side of the relay. If your fuel pressure is fine I would check the ignition system. Are you getting fire to all your spark plugs. Is the check engine light on? The ignition control module can cause a stall when it get hot. More troubleshooting is needed to pin point the problem.. 1997 are prone to having a bad ignition switch. It can cause stalling, hard shifting, crazy dashlights, hard start, no start,

Why would your 1985 Ford Mustang 50LX stall while driving and after installing a ignition coil?

It mostly is your neutral safety switch i had the same problem good luck

If head gasket is blown water leaks into oil will it cause your car to stall out?

it will cause overheating and mess up your engine internal moving parts.