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Not normally. Usually it willl cause a high idle and lean condition. Your car needs more fuel to run rich... i.e. MAF Sensor or O2 sensor causing out of whack Fuel trims.

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Q: Can a bad idle control valve cause a car to run rich?
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1981 Nissan 280zx turbo runs rich and wont idle?

idle air control valve needs work. either clean it inside and out or replace it. could also be the maf sensor

1996mazda626lx rough idelling prolems high and low some times cut out?

all i could think of is the IAC (idle air control valve) which lets your car idle properly when your car is in park. or getting a rich mixture? hope this helps

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1994 Lincoln mark viii bad lope at idle runs great otherwise scanner shows o2 sensors stuck rich compensating for a lean condition smoked the intake and found no leaks any suggestions?

Might just be the IAC valve, IDLE AIR CONTROL valve that's in the back of the engine, pass side, a real bear to get at. Very possible bad 02 sensor or sensors.

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Can air idle control valve make run rich?

No it will not; Need to check MAP sensor, coolant sensor, fuel pressure regurlator Mass air flow sensor if it has one. IS CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON ??? If so scan engine with scanner. GOOD LUCK.

Could a faulty temp sensor in a 98 Saturn SC2 cause the car to idle erratically?

Yes. IT can make the engine run to rich, and then cause misfires

How will you know when the egr valve is bad on a 1994 Chevy blazer?

There are several signs, My experience was a engine that ran very rich. My sparkplugs smelled of gas and rough Idle with no real power. The role of the valve is to re-use a portion of your own exaust for better engine performance, fuel economy, and emmisions output. Engine Rough idle and poor acceleration can be caused by a faulty EGR valve.