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There's two ways to do it. Either you remove the driveshaft, or you accept replacing a transmission. Even with the driveshaft removed, flat towing a front wheel drive car is generally not a recommended practice, and you really should get a dolly for it.

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Q: Can a automatic 2006 Chevy HHR be towed with four wheels down?
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Is a Malibu ls 2006 towable on all four wheels?

according to several tow product manufactures, yes both the automatic and manual can be flat towed

Can a 2006 Chevy aveo be flat towed?

A Chevy Aveo can not be flat towed. It needs to be dolly towed, front tires off the ground, rear tires on the ground. Consult your local Chevy dealer for more info.

Can a suzuki sx-4 manual transmission be flat towed?

A 2006 - 2009 manual transmission FWD SX4 can be flat towed. None of the automatic variations or AWD variations of the SX4 can be flat towed.

Will small bolt Chevy wheels fit 2006 charger?


What are the size of Chevy Avalanche wheels?

The size of Chevy Avalanche wheels is around P275/55R20 111S, if you buy it from 2006. If you on the other hand, want a tire from before 2006, the size will be diffrent.

Can you change on a Chevy silverado 2006 manual transmission to automatic?

Depends on the model of the truck

What wheels will fit a 2006 Chevy 1500?

My dad has a 2006 Chevrolet silverado 1500 and he has 22" rims but they are low profile tires.

Towing capacity 2006 Chevy Colorado?

4000 lbs. with the five cylinder and automatic transmission.

Can 2006 2wd jeep be towed behind RV?

According to the 2006 Jeep Liberty Owners manual a two wheel drive Liberty CANNOT BE TOWED!

What type pf transmission fluid does the 2006 Chevy impala require?

Dexron-VI Automatic Transmission Fluid(ATF)...

Will the 6 lug wheels off of a 99-2006 Chevy truck fit a 65 Chevy c-10?

I bet not. the older hubs have a larger bearing housing. the center holes in older wheels are 3.5" diameter, while the newer wheels are 3" diameter opening. Another item to notice is the offset. ronro.

Where is transmission fluid port for 2006 Chevy pickup?

As with nearly all automatic transmission the fluid goes in through the dipstick tube.