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No, the CRV isn't a vehicle made to pull a 4 axle trailer. 4 axles would have 8 tires on the ground so you must be talking about a mobile home frame made in to a trailer.

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2012-11-11 15:21:09
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Q: Can a Honda cvr pull a heavy 4 axle trailer?
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Can a 2008 Harley street glide pull a trailer?

No.....get a Honda for that

Freightliner sport truck what length of trailer can I pull?

Up to 53 feet, with a maximum bridge of 40 feet between the drive axle and trailer axle if you want to be California compliant... if not, then the bridge can be 41 feet.

Can a Honda Ridgeline tow a horse trailer?

Probably not. Some people use smaller vehicles to pull Brenderup's, a lightweight trailer, but it makes me nervous. I recomend a full-sized pickup that is equipted with a tow package. You need substantial weight to safely pull your horse and trailer. The tow package gives you extra braking power and a heavier, secured undercarriage for a bumper-pull trailer. Make sure you have an expert check your hitch to make sure it is strong enough to pull something as heavy as a horse and trailer.

Can a Honda Element pull a 5x8 trailer?

Yes! i have towed many times with a Honda Element. The real issue is weight though and I would not put more then 1000lbs in that trailer.

What truck equipment do I need to pull a horse trailer?

You'll need a truck that's heavy enough to pull the trailer, equipped with a trailer ball hitch to attach the trailer. You also need to make sure the horse trailer has operating turn signal and brake lights.

How do you pull the axle out of a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

put chain around the small hub, take something heavy and snatch or a quick jerk on the axle.

Why is it better to pull a trailer than push it?

because trailers are heavy and sometimes have to travil at high speeds!

price of i8 foot tilt deck bumper pull heavy duty trailer ?

list price

Why can't you pull a trailer?

I can't pull a trailer because I do not have a trailer hitch on the back of my car.

Can Honda CR-V 2007 pull a trailer?

Yes. Honda USA recommends a 1500lbs max trailer. In Europe the same vehicle is rated 2000lbs. You will not be able to feel 1500lbs behind the Cr-V. It pulls great!

Will it pull 5500 trailer?

Sure! Oh wait, will what pull a trailer?

What is Rigid vehicle?

A rigid is what is known as a "straight truck" in the US. It's a medium or heavy duty truck which does not pull a trailer.

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