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It could be.

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Q: Can a 15w40 oil be used in a car that specifies 10w30?
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What type oil do you use in your club car?

A diesel engine would use 15w40 a gas engine could use 15w40 or 10w40

Can you add 5w30 oil to a car that has 10w30 in it?

Yes, no problem.

What size battery do you put in a car?

The one that the car's manual specifies. This will be different for every car.

Why does your car knock when you turn it on 2001 ford expedetion Eddie Bauer?

Check Motor Oil . Or change oil weight, example; if you used 10w30 then used 10w40 and so on.

What is the best oil brand for a 4 cylinder car?

What year is this car? I suggest using Pennzoil 10w30.

What oil that need to be use for manual transmission?

The oil type that is used for a manual transmission will depend on the car. Most cars will take 10W30 oil.

What kind of oil does your car use?

5w20, 5w30, 10w30, 15w40 etc. It will depend on what the manufacturer recommends. It all depends on the engine,manufacturer's recommendations, type of fuel it uses (gasoline,diesel),climate conditions,etc. Too many variables.

What type oil does 2009 Club Car use?

10w30 Conventional is the standard for that year and make.

Proper weight motor oil used in a 2000 suzuki esteem 1.8 liter engine?

I use 10W30 Valvoline. Now have 112,000 on car so far so good .

What oil weight is recommended for a 1996 Mazda Millenia?

i used a penzoil high milage 10w30. I live in San Antonio, so where you live also has to do with what weight you should be putting in your car.

What type of lubricants is recommended for new C5 engine?

only total syntetic oil if is new car and total quartz 7000- 15w40 after 100000km!

What would happen if you put 15w40 oil in a car that needs 5w-30?

in warm weather nothing in cold weather it could be hard to start