Can I use my friend's AAA to have my car towed?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, but only if your friend is with you, and only if he has his AAA card with him. Triple A membership follows the person, not the vehicle. An AAA member may use their membership to have any vehicle towed, regardless of whether the member owns that vehicle or not. The only condition is that your friend must be present in person, and must present his and a photo id to the towing company that arrives.

From AAA FAQ's - Would I be covered if riding with a friend or family member who is not a AAA member?

AAA service covers the member, not the vehicle. Service is provided to the member in any 4 wheeled passenger vehicle they are riding in or driving.

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My friends are repairing the car

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Q: Can I use my friend's AAA to have my car towed?
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How can you find car moving companies in Ottawa?

One can find towing companies in Ottawa by looking in the local Yellow Pages. Alternatively, if one is a member of AAA then they can simply call AAA and use their member benefits to get their car towed.

Can you get your car towed to a garage mechanic if it is not registered?

Yes. The garage can use their repair plate on the unregistered vehicle to make it legal to tow.

Car that you financed in your name and your boyfriend is not paying how can you get the car back?

Go to the dealership and get owner paperwork and have it towed. Most tow places will allow you to get it towed when you don't have the keys. If you have the keys then that's even better. If you go to the police you may have to report it stolen. So use that as a last resort. If your car has been repossessed by the bank or dealership, you will not get it back.

What website has the best AAA discounts?

AAA discounts can be used at a mass majority of places such as car rentals, hotels, vacation packages, concert tickets and theme parks. When making reservations just mention that you have AAA and would like to use your discount. If you prefer not to make reservations just show your AAA card when you go to purchase the item.

What can I do to make sure my car is not damaged while being towed for repairs?

Your best best is to use a reputable tow service if you can do reserach ahead of time. Follow all your manufacturer's recommendations and the tow truck's instrujctions. If your car should only be towed on a flatbed, make sure to request one, for example.

Can you jump start an automatic diesel car?

You can use jumper cables, but cars with automatics shouldn't be towed or pushed as an attempt to start them. It can damage the transmission.

Where can I find cheap car insurance quotes for Colorado?

You can look online, and use the quote systems offered by such companies as AAA, Geico, and esurance.

What kind of AAA batteries does a Shock Pen Use?

The batteries are called "AAA shock pen"

Where are AAA rental cars located?

The AAA rental cars is a service for luxury car renting which you can use all over the world like Paris, Cannes, Monaco and Hamburg. Some of them famous brand are Ferrari, Porsche , Bentley Mercedes, etc.

Can you use regular AAA batteries on cobra walkie talkie?

Yes, on the box it says you can use regular AAA but you cant recharge them if there not-rechargeable.

More Than Business?

If you are planning a business trip, then consider a AAA car rental. The rates are low, and you can sometimes use your insurance to cover the fees, especially if you have been in an accident and need a car to drive.

What could you do to move your car off slippery ice?

you could use a crane but that could cost about 2 thousand dollars at least or you could just get it towed a few feet