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As a temporary fix, yes.

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Q: Can I repair a cracked thermostat housing with JB Weld?
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Block cracked between water jacket and exhaust port What is best way to repair?

You can try J-Weld, we repaired a 16" cracked 327 block with it, but all surfaces MUST BE cleaned and follow the directions with the epoxy! Good luck.

How do you fix a cracked head on a 98 town and country?

You can't fix a cracked head unless you can weld. it must be replaced with a new head.

Will J-b weld repair spark plug hole?

No. Helicoil

How do you repair stainless steel repair weld?

Use special flux cored electrode without purging dam.

How do you repair the plastic piping on the radiator that the upper hose clamps onto?

JB Weld? Drain fluid, make sure it's realllly dry. If it's cracked, smear JB weld or another epoxy compound that bonds to plastic, wait for it to cure (probably 4-6 hours), then refill fluid and see if it leaks at full operating temperature.

How do you repair a radiator that has been pushed into fan?

two of ways of doing this either get a new one or take it to some one who can weld aluminum very well unless of course your radiator is cracked you would come out cheaper to just buy a new one

Can you use jb weld on a cracked exhaust manifold?

You can try, but it will not stay. The heating and cooling of the manifold will cause the JB weld to fall off.You can try, but it will not stay. The heating and cooling of the manifold will cause the JB weld to fall off.

Can a cracked plastic tank at the top of a radiator be fixed or must you replace the radiator?

Replace the radiator. Try JB Weld or JB Kwik Weld on the crack first -- you can pick it up for $4 and it is definitely worth a shot. I have tried the jb weld it didn,t work . I had to buy a new raditor ANSWER I work in a shop where we routinely replace the plastic tank. If you have to repair the plastic tank then do it from the inside. You can separate the tank from the core by carefully loosening the aluminum tabs holding it in place.

How do you fix your laptop casing?

If you mean cracked get a soldering iron and go over the crack very carefully to weld it back together.

How do you repair a crack in a plastic radiator?

weld it with nylon rod using iron plastic welder.

How do I repair radiator support on 99 Saturn sl?

You will need to weld the radiator support in your 1999 Saturn SL in order to repair it. You can also replace the support if you are not able to weld the damaged area. Remember to unplug the battery before beginning the welding project.

What is the name of a good adhesive for radiator repairs?

Multi purpose fix allDevcon epoxy, or similar epoxies like J B Weld, will work for all steel,plastics etc. Able to withstand Ultra high temperatures and high pressure. Sandable. Available at Auto shops. I used it to repair leaking Landcruiser 4wd High ratio housing, and two sections of water cooling system.(and Laptop computer cracked hinge surrounds)