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Will a Ford Taurus 2006 wheels fit a Kia Soul 2012

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Q: Can I put 15 inch wheels on a car that has 16 inch wheels?
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Can you put a 15 inches tire on a car that usually take 16 inches tire?

With 15 inch wheels you can do it

What size wheels can put on a 195 55 r15 tire?

15 inch 6J wheels.

Can you put 15 inch wheels on a Honda CRX to replace the factory 13 inch wheels?

yes i replace my crx wheels with 17" tenzo r racing rims

Where can one buy 15 inch wheels online?

One can buy 15 inch wheels online at many stores that deal with cars, tires, car parts, and etc. One would be Hubcap, tire & wheels, this website can sell you many parts of cars such as 15 inch wheels. Another is Wheelfire, you can tell them your car model and they'll find what's best for you.

Can you put 15 wheels on a 2001 Honda Civic LX?

There is enough room on a standard 2001 Honda Civic to put wheels as big as 17 inches. The 15 inch wheels will fit perfectly.

Difference between 14 inch rims and 15 inch rims?

14 inch wheels fir 14 inch tires, 15 inch wheels fit 15 inch tires. The difference is 1 inch.

Do wheels for 185 70 r14 tires fit 205 70 r15 tires?

Of course not you cannot install 15 inch tires on 14 inch wheels or vice versa. 14 inch wheels require 14 inch tires, and 15 inch wheels require 15 inch tires.

Where might one go to learn more about 15 inch alloy wheels?

A good place to start researching 15 inch alloy wheels would be to ask either their car mechanic or perhaps contact the car's dealership where they will have information regarding this sort of wheel.

Can you use 16 inch rims on a 15 inch rim?

Not sure what you're asking here. You can't put 16 inch tires on 15 inch wheels (or vice versa), hence the different sizes. You can, however, put 16 inch wheels on a vehicle that normally has 15 inch wheels. You just need to ensure that the bolt pattern and center holes are exactly the same measurements and you may need to use a lower profile tire to achieve the proper tire-to-wheelwell clearances.

Can I put 16 inch tires on a 15 inch wheel?

It needs a complete set of wheels to be able to balance and support the weight of the truck.

Can you put a 15 inch rims on a car with 14 inch rims on?

Most of the time, yes. try it and find out.

How big is the NASCAR tires?

15 inch wheels

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